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Ok, I got a little out of control playing on my wifes Bodog account the other night and lost $1111 from her credit card. A few days later after reality set in I disputed the charges as fraud with my CC. They took off the charges and today I got some emails from Bodog saying that they will send to collections and report to credit agencies. I do not want my wifes credit to get affected. I am fmailiar with disputing charges with the bureaus and I will dispute in writing when I hear from the collection agency. Can they put a gambling debt on credit report? (they try to get around the law by saying it was a "phone comany")

This is not a gambling debt. Bodog never agreed to lend you money. You played, lost and then lied to the CC company to get them to pull the payment back. If you won you would not have done this, you would have kept bodog's money. This is stealing and you should get your credit effected. Not sure how that works though.

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I am with Pete on this one. CBAX is creating chargeback fraud by falsifying the information about his charges to Bodog.I am in business and have people chargeback from time to time just because they want to and for no other valid reason. As a company, we are harmed by this despicable practice and the CC companies let these vermin get away with it. Look between your legs CBAX. Anything missing? Be a man and stand up for your actions. I hope Bodog makes your life more miserable that it may seem to be now. You are afraid of your wife, right?

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They cannot collect on a gambling debt and if they do show up on your report you can have it easily removed through validation. What did you say the reason for the chargeback was? Did the CC company give you any grief? Did you have to fill out dispute forms? I'm curious about how this process works. Good luck and stay away from these sites, it really is a no win situation!!

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I work for one of the gambling companys And its people like you that make my life real hard doing a charge back on your own weakness makes me reall sad . I have to chase the money so my company can get what YOU lost gambling . ITS stealing and you lied .MY qs is why

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sorry but didnt finish my qs why gambe when you can aford it . second qs why lie STAND up be a man abt it and sort it out

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I have to agree here too ~ You lossed the have to pay it. Like the others have said - if you wouldn't dispute it...and I guarentee you would have a huge problem if Bodog came and took that money back from you.

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there is not a thing they can do to you. Also, they have to belong to the credit bureau(member) to report you and they do not belong. Inform any U.S. collection agency that they are attempting to collect an illegal gambling debt and they will not continue to pursue the debt, they can't, it is a RICO ACT violation to participate in the collection of an unlawful debt.
Once your credit card issuer has charged the transactions back. End of Story! P.s. tell the collection agency your bank wants documentation of merchandise or services you were charged for. (doesn't exist) unless you bought a bike in Dubai or a raincoat in the U.K or a Bed in Dubai. See my point

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The internet gamble site broke U.S. law by accepting transactions from our banking system. It was their risk and their loss if gamblers start disputing transactions that occur via credit and debit cards with known institutions that deal in internet gambling. This doesn't mean I think people should try to sneak around the law and dispute any losses but again it is the gambling sites risk.

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I have charged back quite a few thousand dollars of deposits to online gambline sites. They are cheats. Their odds are all jacked up and they don't deal cards fairly so I don't feel bad at all.

It's this simple... if you charge back they can't come after you or report to credit agencies because gambling is illegal here. I heard someone once say that an online gambling site trying to collect or report you to a credit agency is like a drug dealer trying to collect if you don't pay. They can't go to court and admit they are a drug dealer to get you to pay. It just doesn't work that way because dealing drugs is illegal, just like online gambling in the US.

My advice... deposit thousands, gamble, win and withdraw or chargeback if you lose and put these shit bags out of business.

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What exactly did you tell the credit card company so that you can dispute the charge?

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