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Sooo, I've had this credit card debt that I've been going to court for over the past few years. I agreed to make payments, miss some every now and then, and have been going back for payment reviews. I missed a couple months payments, and sent a check to make up the difference last month. Then I realized I missed my last payment review date at the beginning of May.

Last week I got a letter from TYS (I think) with the check (endorsed by the lawyers on the back). The letter just said "Please contact the client for information..." No address, name, number, nothing. I've tried calling the lawyer a couple times with no response (answering service takes the call, I get no call back). I'll keep trying to contact them, but anyone have any idea what's up with the weird letter and returned check??

btw, I live in Mass and the lawyer is Harris & Dial...


It sounds as though the lawyers may no longer have control of the account. Who was the original creditor? Have you tried contacting them?

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alias1958 alias1958

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Seems like a small collector/law firm as I have not heard of them. It is either the creditor pulled the account back or the account got sold (yes, even mid-settlement)

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rstimson rstimson

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Harris & Dial went out of business in March, 2008. I know because I, too, tried to make a phone call several times during business hours. I only got as far as their voice mail - never a human being - which was VERY unusual! I never left a message. Then I get a letter from Solomon & Solomon in NY stating that they are handling my Capital One account and verifying that Harris & Dial closed their doors late March, 2008.

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