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Hi, i'm thinking abt doing the settlement myself and not sure whom to contact. Actually i have enrolled in the settlement program but I think I might be scammed after I read the review from this forum recently. I have paid my retainer fee and never hear anything since then.
Do i have to contact cust service? and what to say? My creditors are Boa, Amex and Wamu. Have anyone deal with them directly?? Thanks !!

How long ago did you sign up for the service? Maybe you can withdrawl your consent? Others will be along shortly to advice you. Did you check this co out with the BBB before you hired them?

There are alot of people on this site and a few that I know of that have dealt with BOA and WAMU hopefully they will be along to advise you further.

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ladybug ladybug

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BOA will settle with you for about 40-50 cents on the dollar if not less at about 160 days delinquency, Wamu will give you about the same savings and Amex may be a bit tougher to deal with but you will save about 40 cents on the dollar with them. If you can come up with about 50% of your total debt you can settle with these three companies before the accounts chrge off. Good luck!

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pemperandgartle pemperandgartle

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Do It Yourself debt settlement is becoming highly popular, it will help you save money on fees and will let you be in control of your situation at all times. If you want to rea some horror stories regarding debt settlement companies read in this very forum anything having to do with SifExpert.

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