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Commercial Workout Program?Small business owners?

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Has anyone here heard of this? I was reading around one of credit card's websites (it's a business account) and they have a whole section about how they want to help you in your time of need. I was e-mailing their collection department about my payment which I have not made for this month and saw this. Evidently there are programs for small business owners much like dmp's. Lower interest 5 year programs. Anyone know about these?

There are companies like Corporate Turnaround and Commercial debt counseling that offer DMP services specifically for business debts. It pretty much works the same as a regular dmp except for a business. When you shop around with any company in this industry be sure to check them out on the BBB and make sure they are either members or at least have a solid track record.

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mobile FYI, Commercial debt counseling is owned and operated by curadebt. Remember overseas call center and rummored to have been associated with the infamous James Lombardo at one time. Just wanted to inform you big guy!

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That sucks :(

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yes it does! Most people need to be made aware, if they want to do business with companies that are taking their business overseas that is their problem. There are a few more that I will divulge if I see their names pop up, latin america is becoming a big hub for call centers and American entreprenuers are taking advantage of cheaper labor!

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