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I am behind in my car payments with Toyota Financial. I recieved a letter in the mail to mail in the two payments I am behind or they were going to repo my car. I live in a gated community can they get in is my first question. and I have moved since i bought my car and they are unaware of my new address will that make a difference. I plan on making the two payments this week will that ward off the repo man? I also want to trade my car in for something else. The apr is killing me and my friend works for a dealer and has told me already with my credit he can get me lower payments and a lower apr. The reason behind my payemtns being late is the fact that first like I said I moved and moving costs and everything got me behind in bills. What do you suggest?

Well they probably can find u if they want the car but why don't u call them and let them know u will be sending the 2 payments in next week and they probably will be ok with that! (hope so anyway)
Good luck to ya,

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Ang Ang

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Hello Amb,
I really suggest that you give them a call right away and let them know that you are going to be making the two payments this week. But you need to call them that way they can note your account, I am pretty sure if you call them they will work with you. Be careful cause these repo companies have a great way of finding people even if they have moved, it happened to my friend and they repod her car. I honestly suggest you give them a call, and when you can trade your car in if you can get a better deal and lower your payments. Good Luck!!!

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Hi Amb,
Katelyn has a point, please call them. We have Toyota Financial and they have always worked with us. Additionally, my sister is financed through them as well and she accidentally sent the payment in to the wrong address. Well that resulted in them not getting her payment. She had to pay a fee to our bank for stopping the check/funds. At this point she was behind two months. She called and explained the situation and they assured her they would work with her to resolve the issue and they did. Unfortunately, and I speak from experience, you can't run from these companies. The know more about us than sometimes we know about ourselves. With my collections I didn't update my creditors that I was in default in and they inevitably found me.
So please call them. I would be shocked if they didn't accommodate you. Please keep us updated. Good luck

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debtstinker debtstinker

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Yes ~ Toyota is usually very easy to work with and has been understanding when I have had problems. I have even extended my loan twice and they were great about it. So, I would definitely call and let them know what is going on.

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