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Can the Canadian collection agency find me in US?

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Hi there. I've read in this forum about "Can the US collection agency find me in Canada?". For my case, it is the other way around. I left Canada due to a failed franchise business that put me broke. Lost everything. Tried to get up, but didn't work out. No choice but to move to US and temporarily join some relatives and find my start point again. I'm working again and would like to resolve my debts in Canada in due time. For the time being, since I'm not in the position to fix it yet, I'd like to be informed more on my given situation. Can someone share their experience and expertise? Thanks.

Why not just file a business bankrutpcy in canada??

Franchaise business...did you personally guarantee any of this debt?

Canadian/US colllections...pretty much the same. A lot of agencies have branches in both countries. And judgments can he domisticated either way??

Are you a dual citizen?

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I can't get another funding for the business and have used my personal credit to somehow fund the business operation. Bad decision, but I can't just give up. I know to no avail, but I need to try...I'm a bit confused about the judgment domestication. Some said, it's different law jurisdiction. What can I read more on this?

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Stick to budgeting, live within your means, spend much less than what you earn and you might even try getting money from your friends or family members.

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