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Independent Processor representing "ADR Firm"

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This guy named John Parker left an aggressive message on my voicemail, stating he needed my home address & employer address to serve me papers. He stated on my v/m that he was faxed some papers of a claim placed against me with case number 118448, and that this is my only chance to contact ADR Firm to settle this. He also called my job and stated that he was an "independent processor" and that he will be coming to my job to serve me papers to appear in court. When I asked him the company he's from, he replied that he's an independent processor (mind you, on my v/m he stated that some papers were faxed to him in his office). I don't know about this, so I looked up the company "ADR Firm" and some weird unofficial website ( pops up. The website seems bogus, listing the owner of the law firm as Allison D. Richards, Esq., The ADR Firm LLC in Atlanta, GA (404-507-6139). Weird, because when I spoke to "independent processor" John Parker, he left me to call ADR Firm at 877-528-5110. So, I looked up this firm on, a worldwide law firm listing, and there were no results. So, I looked up Allison D. Richards on, no results. I haven't recieved ANY notification via postal mail - no official letters from payday loan nor mediator. So, my question is, if an "independent contractor" is given papers of a claim with a case number, why would he need to call me at work and or leave a voice msg that he needs my mailing address and employer address to serve me papers to appear in court? Wouldn't he already have this information, and just show up? I live in California, btw. Input??

Sounds like a scam. Processor servers can be independant but they dont call you to you know they are coming to serve you.

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The same thing just happened to me at work. That pisses me off. There is another website reporting this sort of thing: /Phone.aspx/1-877-528-5110 - actually there are several.

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The Georgia-based ADR Firm LLC has nothing to do with whichever company is contacting individuals about debts or claims. The ADR Firm LLC is not a debt collection agency, and has not entered into any agreements to serve in that capacity for any other group or entity.

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I just received the same kind of call at my work. Looked up "ADR" and it brought me here??? Anyone know what it is all about????

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it is a scam they left a message at my house supposedly looking for contact info on someone with the same last name as me, lots of noise in back ground of where he was calling from, i google searched the guy "mike gardners" name the case number nothing comes up.. it is total bs do not call them back if it was legit they would not tell you they would just show up and serve you or at least you would get some kind of offcial certified letter about what is going on. im thinking about forwarding the message to the local news investigator so no one gets duped by this

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I just got the same kind of message. It was exactly as thenameisshauna described: someone saying I needed to call them back about a numbered "claim and charge" with an "ADR firm," Same approach: they'd gotten a fax concerning me and needed to serve me papers. I suspected a scam and it looks like I'm right.

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I received the same message tonight. Person they were looking for had my former last name & different first name. The guy leaving the message sounded rough. I assume it is a scam since I don't have debt collectors calling me. I will not be giving them any personal info about me. I'm sure they are phishing for info from people & unfortunately there will be some people who will give out all kinds of info to this.

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I just got the same message! When I asked them to fax me something on letterhead stating who they were and what they were collecting for he said "good luck in court" and hung up.

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 02/15/2011 - 20:40


877 522 7563

John Parker blanket calling for whoever he is trying to serve notice on.

# goes back to a company called Global. Automated answer, just hit 0 as you are never given an extension to call.

They called last night and left a VM for someone else, I returned the call and left a VM, they evidently blanket called everyone with the same last name and left the same VM.

They really didnt like my notifying them of the violations to the FCRA in the VM they left, nor the fact that they can not legally state that they notified the person by leaving a blanket VM in the hope that they got the right number.

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My husband got the same call , except someone named Bernard Watson, called and said this is your last chance before we serve you at work and home, I have never heard of a processor calling to tell you they were serving you? Don't they just serve you? They also called a friend of ours and told her to tell my husband that this was it. Judging from what everyone is saying this is a BIG SCAM, so he won't be giving them any information

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