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BOA claims they don't go bellow 25%. It's close to charge-off. Any recent BOA settlement %? I told them I can't, but I'm wondering what to expect, because I will let it charge off, because I can only pay so many creditors with what I have borrowed. If they stick to their number, I might as well focus on the other creditors.

I have heard of very little below 25%. Their norm is 30-35. If they are offering 25, you did much better than my 30. I could not get them to budge at charge off.

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dantheman dantheman
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20% , they will

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I Have not settled with them...yet. The girl I am working with told me to hang on as she has for some reason taken sympathy on my case and is trying to push for my 15% settlement offer at the first of June. She wants me to be at 120 days late. As I have said in other threads I know (and many of you may agree) this is probably "pie in the sky" but I am holding out for it. All calls have stopped and I am praying for this to come through. They have combined my BofA business line (44 ,000) and my personal FIA (13,000) total $57,000....keeping my fingers crossed BUT prepared to settle for more. Just my experience so far with them I thought I would share....

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luckin10 luckin10

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We settled our 2 BOA's in March, total bal was 8 bucks short of 24,000 for 25% structered over 4 payments, they were very nice to work with and allowed for small payments over the first 3 months with balloon payment at the end...That bought almost 3 months to come up with the large final payment...

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maggie22 maggie22

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I recently settled with them and got 20% on my business account of $22,000 and 25% on $11,000 personal. Seemed that the business side was more eager to settle and offered me 20%. However 25% is very good.

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man i hope i can get a sub 30% on my small balance of $6500 :)

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blackbeasst blackbeasst

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Looks like the recent settlements on non-biz have been 25%, looks like they have certain targets. Last year people were getting 15% quite often from what I remember. Thanks everyone. If there are others, please update this thread!

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mojo mojo

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I used DS Financial and they settled my BOA for 17 cents on the dollar in 4 payments. They can be reached at 866-833-6398.

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