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I've been reading this site a lot lately and just hope you all can help me out. Am taking the pludge to write my problem & hope it's not to much. I'm in debt to much with C/Cds approx. 52K, Az. home 179K, Hi Home 175K & Misc.10K. All my money has dried up savings, 401K etc. I can keep going till end of year, but who am I fooling, myself, cause after that will not be able to pay c/cds. House in Hi. rented out. Can make Az. house payment with Soc. Sec. plus utilities and small bills. Both houses are below value, so doubt if I could get a refinance to pay off my debt. And, just thought if I could do a reverse mortgage on Az. home that would free up some money to pay these bills. I don't know who to turn to, I hear of so many scammers out there. Should I file bankruptcy? Should I pay small amounts, if I can? I'm so embarresed, don't want to talk about this to family and friends. I've lived a long life and always paid my bills, but now it's come to this. The reason for part of this mess is I had surgery Dec 4, 2006 and I wanted to move back home to the mainland, due to good doctors here. Told people I bought this home from I couldn't do it unless my home sold, they came back and said all was okay, if I could get my house rented out in Hi. which I did. Yet, things have just kept going down. Sorry if I repeat, but I'm scared now, of what will happen to me. I need a roof over my head and want to keep this home somehow. Thank you all out there in advance for any comments or help you can send me.

I have no advice to offer you as I am just beginning this mess and don't know a whole lot. But people on here have been very helpful. Keep reading the archives to see what you can find out.
Best of luck to you---

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Thank you for the encouragement. Will read on and hope I do get some response. You were the first and thank you.


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Hiya Jerry and welcome to the community. I just wanted to acknowledge you and reassure you there are some good people here who are knowledgeable and willing to give you some insight. I am inexperienced in this area but I am sure someone will be along asap to advise and encourage you. Keep checking back, take good care. :)

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