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Hi - Last week I sent a letter to ............ a family member and have several other companies to clear my debt issues and have a moderate a..................s 30% of what I owed I would have just enough money from the money I borrowed to pay everyone.
So today .................... I explained that I have two other creditors that have already accepted my settlement at 30%. I told him I could not afford to pay the 50% and if I have any money................ "I didnt think were any of his business".

Wow, now I remember why I stopped talking to them last year!

Sorry?....... I need some advice on how to handle this?

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Great job playing hardball. I wouldn't answer any of the other questions because you were perfectly clear to begin with. I do think it will take a number of calls on your part to bring them to 30%. Worst case scenario is they eventually file a complaint and you settle at the 50%.

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