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Dave Kramer who runs debt is running a SCAM operation that cons people with student loan debts

Private Or Government Backed Student Loans
(Without Consumer Account Enrollment)
Up To 3 Student Loan Accounts $4,500.00
Each Additional Student Loan Account $1,000.00

This scumball claims he can "eliminate" "government and private student loans but for starters it will cost you $4500 and $1000 for every loan account above 3 which is like every student now.
This Kramer guy is a DIRTBAG.......somebody please shut him down!

GeorgiaState2005 should contact them directly if he was personally was harmed by them and try to get the problem resolved. Otherwise he should shut up because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

For what it's worth, several of my friends and I signed up with Debt Jurisprudence last year and all of us had credit card and student loan debts. Nobody in the company that we spoke with ever said they cancel or eliminate debts of any kind, or said anything that was untrue. Everything we were told was easily verified by reading their web site and watching the movie they now have on it. Everybody I know that signed up with them is satisfied with the results and service they provided and out of debt.

This GeorgiaState2005 person sounds just like someone posting under multiple aliases on

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I agree with Georgia. It appears they are marketing the same type of " debt termination" services that FDRS offers but for student loans. They say they have been saving people money since 1994 but I can't find any info on this company with the BBB. Looks shady to me. Buyer beware.

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