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do you have another name other than debt consolidation care such as, worldwide asset purchasing. if you do, I have questions about debt, which I found listed on my credit record. it is owed by my sister and brother in-law. i wondered why it shows on my credit record. how can i solve the problem?

Hello Johnzhouu,

Our community name is debt consolidation Care. We are a community with more than 117,000 members who try to help each other and share our wisdom to become debt free. We are like a family where we share our joys and sorrows and support others at their low times.

We don't have any other name. If you want to know more about us please go through the link provided below: -


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Jason Jason

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Now coming to your seems to me that it is a case of Identity theft.

You can find a similar incident of identity theft like yours HERE.

But don't is a very common phenomenon in US. Approximately 10 million people per year suffer from this Identity theft menace. This problem can be solved.

Please go through the following page to solve your problem: -
5 Steps To Take If Your Identity Is Stolen

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Jason Jason

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You can dispute that debt with both the creditor and the credit reporting agencies stating it is not your debt. They should remove it because they will not be able to validate it. If they don't remove it you may have to file a police report stating identiy theft like Jason mentioned.

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