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I have a question for those who have been sued by Credit cos and lost, What exactly happed? Did you have to pay the full amount? How were you expected to pay? Did they garnish your wages?

Some of the results are in the timing. If you receive a court notice that you are being sued, it's a good idea to call the attorney of record who is representing who is suing you. (All this information should be on the summons.) Sometimes they are willing to work out a payment arrangement before it goes to court. Even if it does go to court, and they get a judgement, it is still possible to work out a payment plan so that your wages are not garnished. Just try to make contact with them. If you don't, they have every right to garnish wages based on the judgement they receive.

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I was sued by citibank for 1,600.00. as soon as i got the summons i called my lawyer he set a vaildation letter and also went to court for me it was cont.. for a month and they never answered the 30 day letter from my lawyer so he set another one and a week later i got a letter from the judge assigned to the case saying it was dismissed with out predjuice. So from what I understand they have a year to file again if they are going to . I'm in missouri

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