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First off, thanks to all the great advice I received last time I used the forums.

My advice need is my mother-in-law. She and her husband have come dangerously close to maxing out their four credit cards with check advances, cash withdrawals and regular purchases. Additionally, they have maxed out their home equity line, and due to falling home prices in CA, now owe more than the house is worth. Further, they have maxed out their checking credit line too. (The house is in her name only, but all cards are joint.)

Now, my mother-in-law just wants to file bankruptcy (she doesn't work and her husband is a self-employed landscaper) and move to El Salvador where she has property.

The big problem here is that she speaks only Spanish and I do not. My husband has tried to explain that she can't just leave the country to escape this, but they end up arguing each time he brings it up.

Are there any Spanish resources that anyone knows of to help? They have not made any late payments yet, but I'm afraid it's going to happen soon...

Any resources, etc, that I can pass on would be great! Thank you!

If it helps, they owe about $50,000 in credit cards and credit lines and owe about $650,000 on a house worth $625,000.

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