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I live in New york state

YESTERDAY! I received a phone call from Cash Unlimited.....
1] The man I spoke to was rude and horrible manners... and customer service.
2} Demaning I make payment from a loan I took out in 2005
3} I have paid on this on loan
4} In the mean time I had closed my account {several years ago} and of course don't have the proof of payments... { I know I can call the bank and get my statements from 2005.}
5} This business Hasn't bothered to contact until 2008... WOW!
6} Know my balance is $5000.00 ....... JEEPERS
7} They said I can make a lump sum payment of $600.00... therefore I told them that I wanted to do my research on this.
8} I am home know and searched and searched my records and to my knowledge I don't have this company listed anywhere.... further more this company couldn't even give me a REFERENCE # to go..... odd???

I have had Pay loans with
500 fast cash
Unitedcash loans
United Legal Corp.

Which I know all of these I have over paid... after reading all these blogs... All of these threating calls at home and work- thought the solution was to pay them off--- way more then what I took the loans out for--- and my family struggled from week to week until I did so....

My point is know.... What do I do about this other company...
I fixed my Outlook express tonight and found some old emails... dated back to 04/12/2006 to 07/25/2006 to this company
c2-1966061-CashToday Ltd Investigations
using this number 1-877-486-0137 or email us on ""
and the number i got today was 1-877-290-5259

They want a phone call by 10 AM TODAY!..........


oh and they told me they were going to contact my payroll dept and start getting money from my pay checks... There fore I went and spoke to H.R. person and she was understanding but how embrassing!


has anything been put on your credit report, and have you received anything in writing from anyone about this?

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Cashtodaylimited is a scam. PAY THEM NOTHING. I don't know how much I can stress this. Check this link to a huge thread on this board. ted.html

This company is off shore and uses all kinds of illegal scams to try to soak money out of you. They have no legal way to collect anything. Make sure your bank accounts are secure then tell them to F-off when they call. You will have to deal with numerous calls for a few weeks probably but eventually they give up and move to their next victim.

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Yeah they will hammer you with calls for a while. That is the scam. They try to bug the piss out of you until you pay them to shut up. It is like the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg where Swayze starts singing "I am Henry the Eight I am" over and over and over until Goldberg gives in and does whatever he wants. Thats what this bunch of scam artists does with the phone calls. They also try to screw with your bank account if you don't get it locked up tight. The best thing to do is tell them to F-off and hang up each and everytime they call. Another good option is to change your phone number if you can or get other people to tell them you quit working there.

If you want to mess with them or call them without them tracing it or capturing your ph # you can do it for free using an internet connection, microphone, Skype and their 800 number. I set up a repeat dialer a while back and let it call them for a day using some telemarketing software I downloaded for free. It was funny listening to them answer every few minutes and get aggrivated when all the heard was the same song I set as my MP3 for the software to play. That particular day I chose Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. You can play any MP3 you want though so you could actually save your own custom messages.

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telemarketing software I downloaded for free

PM me that link....have a few I need to return the favor too!

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I'll try to get it to you sometime this weekend. I am at work and did all the testing on my system at home. I did it about 6 months ago so I will need to do a bit of digging to figure out where I got it and how exactly it worked. For now I will say that it took 3-4 different peices of software working in conjuction but everything was free including the continuous phone call over their 800 number. One peice was a trial version that works for ever but it says trial over the speaker about ever 15 seconds. I didn't care though because the idiots over at cash today got to listen to my MP3 plus some robot chick saying trial. heheh. I did have to eventually uninstall one part though because it interferred with another peice of software I use called Ventrillo which is a group voice chat program over the net. For some reason it was piping trial into Ventrillo so I removed that portion.

FYI you can also use skype straight up and talk to any 800 number for free over the net with a mic and a decent connection. You can also dial toll free numbers in some foreign countries. This is useful because you can call collectors and what not without them getting your phone number. I am not sure what it ID's as but I would guess it is either 000 or they get the number of the main connecting city your call leaves from the ISP to the phone lines.

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