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Where is the best place to apply for loan with no closing costs for debt consolidation?


What kind of debt do you have? Pay Day Loan, credit card or something else? What state are you in? This info will help us help you better.

I wouldn't suggest getting a loan to pay off a debt. What you are doing in that case is making more debt (or maintaining a level of debt) when you just want to decrease debt.

Please call one of our conselors here-they can help guide you. Perhaps you can get into a debt manangement plan to help settle the debt.

Also, have you contacted your creditors? Perhaps they can help with a payment plan.

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lawn1016 lawn1016

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I have credit card debt but the problem is the payments are too high and there are about five..I want one payment with a low interest rate then I can pay it down faster when I have more money..husband and I recently started a business..have never been late on payments yet...CT

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Ladytra Ladytra

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I would suggest either calling each creditor & seeing if they can reduce the payments...or since you said you want one payment, research debt consolidation companies. If you call a counselor, they might even direct you to a company.

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lawn1016 lawn1016

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