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Which bank will approve a debt consolidation loan. i only own my car and I think that is not enough collateral for it.

There are other options that don`t require getting a loan. There is what is known as a debt management Plan or a dmp. These repayment plans are administered by Consumer credit counseling agencies.

With a debt management plan you will repay all of your accepted creditors over a newly negotiated contract and terms. The Credit Counseling company will negotiate with all creditors to accept a lower interest rate" usually around 6%-10 %" , waive late fees and over limit fees and spread your payments out over 4 to 7 years. You will repay 100% of your current balance with a payment that typically runs about 3% to 4% of your total debt. This site offers free counseling and can further explain why this might be your best option. 800-601-1579 :D

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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What kind of debt do you have? Credit card? Pay-Day Loans? We have people here who can help you through on the boards.

I would stay away from getting a loan. What you are doing is creating more debt to get out of debt. What you need to do is work on decreasing...not increasing. Sure you pay off one debt but you still have another one.

Instead, I would call a counselor here. They are kind & smart. They will explain things to you until you get it.

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lawn1016 lawn1016

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You can have a Free Counseling from a professional counselor of our community HERE, who can sort out your debt problems and get you out of it.

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