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Fustrated at this point with myself not Oak View Law Group

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I have not been on the site for awhile due to traveling for work for the last month. I kept deciding on if I should go with a debt settlement company or not. I do travel a lot for my company and I am limited with the time I can put into trying to do this on my own. I did sign up with Oak View Law Group and then after I did I kept telling myself not to go through with it-I signed up in March (paid Oak View Law Group-OVLG a total of $700.00-$550 before they would send out the letters, $50 for adding a PDL co.,$50 monthly fee and $50 for changing my due date)thinking the harassing phone calls would stop, yeah right.

Well I kept going back and forth telling myself get out of this debt settlement, because it is not worth it. I did get 1 PIF as soon as I signed up with them. The PDL company must have got nervous as I way over paid them.

I still have 6 more PDL companies with Oak View that will not settle, I asked my parallegal if they were going to send out C&D letters and if they were going to send out debt validation letter, they did send out a fax to each company stating all communication is to be through them. They seem to ignore it. No debt validation letters have been sent out, which I really needed one to be sent to ACA Recovery. I sent a fax to OVLG stating I was opting out of their services and that they are not to debit my account anymore. Then I get a call from my parallegal stating I have already paid them so much money that if I give him time he will be able to settle with at least 3 to 4 with what I have in my trust account ($550). I then again said okay and partly because I knew I would be gone pretty much the whole month of May, but I also told them not to debit my account, which they stated they would not until I instructed them, which they have not.

Here is my problem, I get back from traveling and I have 8 voicemails on my companies main work phone from Payday Loan Yes/1st National Bank. They are from 4 different people stating it is the litigation department and that I need to call them immediately as I took out a PDL and this is a serious matter. I have way overpaid them and will not send them anymore money. I have told OVLG I did not want to pay any of them that I have overpaid and was told if I at least settle with them for like at least the minimum of $20 its easier to negogiate. BS, they owe me money. I also asked what they would do as I keep a call log on the client log in site and they have violated some of my rights as they have been told not to call my work. Nothing has been done and any time I call the line with OVLG is so hard to hear-broken up line and I am not trying to be judgemental but I can barely understand my parallegal with his accent. I think the reason nothing has happened now is because I have stopped money going into the trust account.

I am upset at myself as I could have done this on my own and had more success, I want out and have to stick with it this time. I live in NJ where it is illegal and I have still had to deal with them on my own anyway. I was going to send the DV letter to ACA Recovery but was told by OVLG not to as they would. They never did, and it is past the 30 days.

I owe the IRS $3057.00, I need to pay this off as soon as I can, I am on an installment payment plan, but I just want to be able to send more to them.

I just want what money is mine that is in this trust account ($550 minus the 20% fee to OLVG for getting 1 PIF on a $390 loan=$78, not bad $778-for what) I am mad at myself not OVLG. I could have at least got the ones that I owe morally out of the way and dealt with the others that owe me and at least tried for PIF with them.

Sorry for the email being so winded but I am crying at this point and need some moral support.

Hi, I completly understand where your coming from, I was up until the wee hours last night crying myself. I'm rather new myself with all this, and don't have any answers for you, but I can understand your feelings. It would seem most folks on the board, belive in handling this ourselves, the money you would pay the company to handle this, could go straight to you bills. Traveling would make it hard to to, but I bet you can work something out... Hang on someone with more experience will be along to help you....

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lmale lmale

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Thank you Imale, I could have taken $1250 and paid the ones I morally owe back and just continued to take care of the ones I do not owe by ignoring them until I had the time to send them letters and emails. I have been doing it anyway when they call I send my email to them. I just keep feeling like I am sinking further and further into this mess. My mom always said, if you want it done and done right do it yourself.

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Hi Kolodin

When you get some time, please give me a call at my extension number. I will like to talk to you for once and then do whatever is required to resolve this problem. We work hard to see our clients with a smiling face. The page and page is an example of what we have done for our clients. Every situation is different, no matter what, our client comes first. If you are not happy, I must do something to make it right. I will be in the office between 9 am to 6 pm Pacific time and will be expecting a call from you.

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BG please call me when you get a chance, I want to opt of the services, I will be sending over a fax once again. This is something I must do for myself and I am not discouraging anyone from signing up with OVLG just not what I need at this time.Thanks

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kolodin616 kolodin616

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I will call you very soon. I am not in the office today because of health reasons. Please be rest assured to get a call from me very soon, may be tomorrow.

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Hi kolodin616, Just wondering if BG was able to do anything to help your situation. I'm very interested as I've been talking to them about helping me.

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