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OneClickCash.Com Location and Phone Number Verification

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I have noticed quite a few posts on this site about OneClickCash.Com. They are one of the payday loan companies that I obtained a loan from via the Internet.

Because of all of the problems that I have had, as referenced in my other posts, I had emailed the loan companies and advised them that my funds were frozen and I would only be able to pay by Money Order.

I have emailed OneClickCash.Com's CustomerService(at) address several times since December 14, 2006, requesting their address so that I can send them a payment for the $195.00 that I owe. To date, no one has ever replied and I am now getting phone calls from them.

I did speak to one Representative who advised me that OneClickCash.Com were a "virtual" company and did not have an address to send payments to. I don't buy that for a second. The phone number they are leaving me to call them back on is different than the one's that I have seen posted on this site. Their number is : 1-800-430-2740.

Can anyone verify where OneClickCash.Com are located and if they show this phone number for them also? I am trying to get this paid and they are playing ignorant.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Go and buy a visa gift card ( I did that to pay them off) or you can go and get a pre-paid charge card and use that to pay OneClickCash.Com off. If you want to get rid of them I would do that. I had no problem when paying them with the visa gift card. They had told me as long as it had the visa or mastercard logo they can accept that for payment.

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puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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Here is the information that i have on them, call this number and confirm the information before you send anything. Your phone number is different than the one I have, I just called this number listed below and they answered "oneclick cash". goodluck.

One Click Cash
52946 Highway 12
Suite 3
Niobrara, NE 68760
Fax 1-800-803-9136
Ph: 1-800-349-9418

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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Here's the customer service Phone number of OneClickCash.Com

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I have called the customer sercice and advised them that they are ttaking money from my acct a day early. They told me to fax them a copy of my current paystub, which I did. Now they are taking out money a week before my payperiod. Can somebody help. Desperate :( :(

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Write to OneClickCash.Com a letter stating not to withdraw funds to your bank account. Fax it to them asap. If you request them not to withdraw any longer, they have to follow this because it's a law.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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These loans company are taking extra money from people so be careful who you go to.

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I applied online an application for cash advance. After being approved of the cash advance, I still have NOT received the funds requested and approved for. What is the hold up in forwarding the approved funds to my bank account???? I have bills need paid and medicine to buy. It has been over 24 hours.

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mark, you didn't apply for a loan with us. This is a debt consolidation forum. We are trying to educate people on how NOT to get pay day loans. If they have not funded your loan as of yet, I suggest not getting it. Try another avenue regarding the money needed to pay your bills or needed medication. If you read through the threads on here, you will notice that these pay day loan companies will not be good for you in the long run.

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cannr cannr

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You could try the manufacturer of your medication. They all have some sort of program for indivduals that cannot afford there medications :shock: . I had to take advantage of that twice. I received two shipments of my medication.

Please take cannr's advice, please do not take out a pdl, they are nothing but a heartache. :oops:


Sub: #9 posted on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 08:29

ladybug ladybug

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can you tell me when my last payment will be, and how much interest i am paying.

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