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I have a pay day loan that I am trying to find a physical address to so I can send payments. This guy Ronal Reynolds will only give me a money gram address and I can't get an accounting of how much I have paid and still owe. I want a physical address for him. The company is Westbury Ventures and the money gram goes to Las Vegas Nevada

Seems Wesbury Ventures has numerous DBA's....I know they are DMS Marketing and their Address is 110 W. 9th St Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64108
They are nasty and will try to take your paycheck from you so you need to notify your payroll dept that you have revoked any voluntary wage assignment...They are also PD6 ventures, and a couple other companies...

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Leah Leah

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How did you make the payments to Westbury Ventures? If you have paid by check, pull your bank statements and find out the total money sent to the company. Go through your state laws and find out the permissible charges that Westbury can add on your loan account.

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I got a loan from M1Y Direct for $200. Thinking that the 60 a month they were taking was paying my debt after 6 mts i stoped payment. Then this girl named Angel called to collect the amt due I paid 214 and a place called PDM called wanting to collect for the sme account so I stopped payment on the other one so they would not take another 214 and paid 175 to PDM Thinking this debt was paid in full after arguing wioth both I never heard anymore until now I get a call from some guy in CA saying they are processing a legall affidavit againest me claiming check fraud violation of banking rules and something else He says I have to pay 900 or go to jail I know that I am being scammed but am scared and dont know what to do. They are saying i got 2 payday loans from 2 different places but i didint There was only one 200 deposit to my checking acct. any advise...They say if i pay this i will be free and clear

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you mean like the other two d/b/a's see if you have proof
of the payment of cannot and will not be arrested
for a pdl.debts are civil not criminal matters.that is a classic threat from an unlicensed pdl and bottomfeeder collection not give anymore without something in writing.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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File a complaint with your state's ag's office, bbb, and ftc. That will make them take notice. Do not pay them anything..make them prove this by sending you something they are just what paul said they are bottomfeeder scum bags.

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ladybug ladybug

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