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We refinanced our house last month and the new mortage company was supposed to pay-off the old one (Ocwen). Well, we have been getting calls from Ocwen with the recorder saying that they need to talk to us. Yesteray we got a letter saying that if we didn't pay, they were going to foreclose. My husband called them and told them that they were paid off a month ago, and they put him on hold and came back saying that they returned the check, because the amount was not enough (!!!??) We are not responsible for their clerical errors and the mortgage broker used the information that wwas given to him by them.
Can they now come and foreclose our house? We called the broker and he said that Ocwen is lying because they never returned the check. Not that it is any of my business, since its between them, right?
Can we lose our house?

Do you have a copy of your settlement statment from yoru refinance and a copy of the payoff letter? That should be all they need. I work in real estate and it is up to the settlement agent to insure that this is done properly. Contact your settlement agent as soon as possible and have them clear this matter up.

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We had Ocwen before we refinanced a couple of years ago. I remember what a pain the butt they were but we didn't have any problems really when we paid off their mortgage through the refinance. It took a couple months of reminders to stop sending us statements though. You may want to contact your DIF in your state to see what else you can do.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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Ocwen is simply trying to extort monies out of you. They have been playing this trick on people for the last ten (10) years, and I am an ex-customer, who sued em at least four(4) times.

You have to be really tough with Ocwen, becasue they are liars, scammers, and real cheaters. They also train their employees how to cheat.

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See rip-off, they have been stealing billions from people for years!

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I believe this is what your government is trying to cover up big--time, Fairbanks was sued for a measly 100 million sev. years ago, they are still at it. They keep changing their name.

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Gather your payoff letter from your broker and your new note; if you don't have that check online or call your recorder's office or your title office for the paperwork. If they're not holding your new note, I wouldn't worry too much about their threat to foreclose either.

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