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I have a debt to Verizon phone company that is being handled through KCA Fiancial. On the phone, we agreed to monthly payments and that they would contact me EACH month for a date to take the money from my checking account. The first payment was taken on 1/31/06 which I authorized. However, on 2/13/06 KCA Financial took another payment from my checking account WITHOUT AUTHROIZATION causing me several bounced checks and $120 in bounced check fees. I called several times and spoke to a customer rep. and faxed the paperwork to them showing that the money was taken without authroization. I was told that the matter was being turned over to her supervisor and that she did receive my fax and she would get back to me the next day. She has still Not returned a single phone call and I also advised Verizon what was going on and they sent the supervisor an e-mail and talked to her on the phone. I received a call from Verizon saying the supervisor would contact me right away. Still no phone call. I want to know what I should do to get my money back as phone calls, faxes and calls to Verizon are not working. I am on social security and cannot afford to lose all this money. Please help me.

Just as a first step, I would recommend contacting your bank and seeing if they can reverse the charges that were not authorized. Usually they are easy to work with in a situation such as this. Talk to your branch manager and hopefully they can help you. Explain the whole situation to him/her. I would also continue to try and contact somebody at Verizon and KCA, and keep documentation of dates and times of calls, and who you spoke to each time. This may help you later on down the road. Keep us posted on how it goes.


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Mary Mary

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It seems you have tried all possible ways. Added to what Mary has suggested, try another avenue; send a snail mail explaining the situation. Also contact Consumer Protection Office of your state and inquire what you can do next.

One more thing, haven't they tried to withdraw after 02.13 or you have ordered to stop payment?

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stanley stanley

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In situations like these, I start recommending people to get payment arrangements in writing and to mail out a money order.

More and more collection agencies, it seems, are using these "woops" glitches in getting payment from consumers who already owe on a debt, but are making monthly payments on their own time.

They (the CA) figure, the arranagement was for $120, they said they're going to pay it Friday...why not take it out now before they spend it?!?! Even with it being unauthorized, sometimes it's hard to prove.

As the others have suggested, speak with one of the managers at your financial institution. At the very least they could reverse the NSF fees you incurred, and have a typed letter ready to show to the payees of the checks you wrote so the know it was an error not on your part. That way, if they also have their fees they charge, it can be taken care of with the letter.


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Teleport Teleport

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well you should recieve a letter five days before they withdraw the money an you should call if you think you are not going to have the money so they can move up the day.. did you had they rigth address with them or you have another address because that happens a lot poeple just forget but they do send a letter to your address

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Good show, collector! And you are right, they do have to notify you prior to the withdrawal and make sure you are fully aware and ready, or else they can't do it.

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Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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When paying off KCA, i validated the account. is it better to pay online, check-cert, money order-cert, visa debit card... I want to be able to show proof i paid it on a bank statement. I just want to payoff the fastest way possible , but still have my duck eggs in order if they try to say i didn't pay or something happens down the line.

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CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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