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Redline Recovery Services: Can customers rely on it?

This is a receivable management company specializing in providing collection and recovery services. This company has its offices in Buffalo (New York), Houston (Texas) and Alpharetta (Georgia).

What do its customers say about it?

Customers of Redline Services have given their views on the collection agency in the Debt Consolidation Care Community forums.

  • Threaten debtors: Debtors have made Redline Services complaints saying that the company had threatened them in the very first call. Get more details here.
  • Unauthorized withdrawal of money: Customers of the company have accused it of withdrawing money without authorization from the customers. They have further accused the company of making false promises and not keeping them. Get to know more.
  • Unprofessional attitude: Debtors have complained in the community forum saying that the company is very unprofessional and rude when dealing with customers. Read more
  • Rude behavior: Incidents of Redline Recovery scam like the company executives being rude and calling at late hours have been mentioned by customers. The company has further been accused of cursing and lying to customers. Find out more
  • Trying to collect on an old debt: Debtors have complained against Redline Recovery Services LLC for trying to collect on an old debt and threatening to sue them for the same. Get to know more.

What rights do you have if Redline Recovery harasses you?

Here are 10 points laid down by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that you may remember if any debt collector harasses you for a debt you may or may not owe.

  1. Time of call: No debt collector can call you before 8 am or after 9 pm unless you have agreed upon such calls.
  2. Stop calling letter: No debt collector can call you or contact you once he receives a 'stop calling' cease and desist letter from you unless it is to inform you of any change in the terms of the agreement between you and the collector related to the debt.
  3. Contacting people related to you: No debt collector may call your family members, neighbors, friends or the workplace unless it is only to know about your location.
  4. Using improper language: A debt collector should abstain from using improper or abusive language with the debtor. He should also not resort to using threat in order to collect the debt from you.
  5. Threatening debtors: Debt collectors cannot make false threats like putting a lien on your property or filing a lawsuit unless it really means to do it and it is legal. If a debt collector threatens you falsely, file a complaint with the FTC and also your State Attorney General's office.
  6. Threatening to claim benefits: Debt collectors are not allowed to claim your federal benefits like Social Security or your retirement benefits. If they say they will, then it is illegal.
  7. Detailed information on the debt: Once a debt collector contacts you, he is responsible to send you a notice outlining how much money you owe and what you should do if you do not owe that money.
  8. Debt validation: If you are being called for a debt that you do not owe, you may request a debt validation within 30 days. The debt collector should validate the debt and failure to do it should get the information removed from your credit report.
  9. Sue debt collector: You also have the power to sue a debt collector in state or federal court for violating the law within a year of the law being violated. If you have the case in your favor then you may recover the monetary damages incurred plus an additional amount of up to $1000 from the debt collector.
  10. Claiming federal benefits: After the Congress passed the Debt Collection Improvement Act, it is stated the government can take a portion of the federal retirement, salary (federal) and benefits from Social Security if there are any non-tax debts that you owe to the government.

How can you contact Redline Recovery Services?

You may write to this company at the Redline Recovery address:

Redline Recovery Services, LLC
11675 Rainwater Drive, Suite 350
Alpharetta, GA 30009

To call, here is a list of Redline Recovery phone numbers:
For clients - 800-269-7140
For debtors - 877-531-0333
Buffalo office - 866-316-3248
Houston office - 713-423-1020

Figured out ULQ is actually Redline Recovery. Won...
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Figured out ULQ is actually Redline Recovery. Wondered if anyone else has had issues with them cursing, threatening and calling after hours?

learn how to form a real sentence before making a fool of yourself as that is what you have just done.back to phones humanoid.btw thread locked as i have deleted three attack posts in a row.sorry but usng profanity is against the TOS so again thread locked.

Sub: #1 posted on Fri, 06/24/2011 - 00:38

paulmergel paulmergel
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i work at redline.....theres are all well not all but mostly LEGIT debt most people who have the problem with collection agencies are not the people trying to make a living for their families but yet the dead beats who cant pay there bills.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 06/23/2011 - 23:18


My husband paid his debt through a settlement three years ago with Redline. The person who processed the settlement did so as a payment instead of a paid account and Redline then sold the account (illegally) to another collection agency.

I notified the other company and they quickly resolved the situation. At the time, I was unaware that Redline had made a mistake. When I contacted them, I was cursed at and hung up on. The second time I called I was lied to. The third time I called I was finally told that my settlement wasn't processed correctly and they would take care of it. I sent them copies of the settlement letter and settlement check. Three years later, my husband pulled his credit report (March 2011) and the account is showing "disputed by consumer" instead of "paid". I requested a letter from Redline in April 2011 stating the debt had been paid in full through a settlement three years ago and they agreed ~ I was told we would receive a letter within 10 business days ... we still have not received the letter.

Yesterday, I filed a complaint with the BBB and the next step is an attorney. This began in April 2008 and the issue still hasn't been resolved over three years later. I really hope that anyone else who is a victim of their unprofessional attitude and total lack of respect and integrity will report them as well :mad:

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 06/11/2011 - 01:36


If a refund is due, they will give a refund. Contact their client services division in Alpharetta Ga and notify their manager. It will be handled. I had a double payment taken out and I did get my refund after I sent a copy of my bank statement showing both payments. They paid the overdraft fee too.

Sub: #4 posted on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 11:45


Stop trying to get a refund. Go to your bank and file a claim, they were not authorized to take out that money plain and simple.

You can also send them an intent to sue letter with a copy of the summons and complaint you will file if they do not comply....that you will sue them for the money they illegally took and also for punitive damages and pain and suffering you had to go through. It doesn't mean you will actually get any money other than what they took, but the possibility of it is a good motivational factor, especially considering they did this without your authorization.

Sub: #5 posted on Fri, 04/15/2011 - 23:10

goldenbast goldenbast
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I have been dealing with Redline for about 2 months and feel like pulling out my hair. I was contacted regarding a debt on a credit card that i had cosigned on for a family member that never got paid. The gentlemen i talked to was very helpful and got my total amount to be paid down a huge amount, which i was very thankful for. I was told that my account was paid in full and that my credit report would be updated and i would recieve notification in a letter through the mail stating the amount was paid in full. Great right yes up until a month ago when they did a transaction unauthorized from my account pulling out more money. I have now been dealing with manager after manager who refuses to answer the phone when i call or return my call, and was told that the money would be refunded to me in 24-48 hours 2 and a half weeks ago. Very frusturated and angry. For those of us who do try and do the right thing by paying back debt that is owed and we get scammed in the process!!

Sub: #6 posted on Thu, 04/14/2011 - 19:35


You stated your position very eloquently and you have some points. There are some out there who behave ethically and lawfully but unfortunately they happen to be the minority in the collections business.

I do realize that there are plenty of debtors who lie and berate a collector but the collector should always take any dispute seriously. It is a simple matter to contact the OC and get the details and then forward it to the debtor. It is the law. The collector can't decide if the person is lying or not.

You mentioned that it is smart business for collectors to follow the law but really they have no incentive to do so! Even the collection companies have admitted that they consider the violation lawsuits to just be a cost of doing business. What does that say about them? They don't care about the people they collect from as long as they collect and they don't care how they do it.

A smart business practice would be to simply get the validating documentation as the law demands. But think about it....these companies buy up huge portfolios usually with nothing more the basics of the debt information...they don't only buy from the original creditors, but from each other as well. Debt gets passed around all over the place.

Since so many companies have been found guilty of violating peoples rights, even some of the worst of the lot who will attempt to collect on debt that doesn't even exist, or has already been paid or settled, people HAVE to question a collector, even on debt they recognize because they need to be sure on who they are paying!

Honestly? It is these law-breaking collectors that make it bad for all collectors. The business practice itself is so rife with law breaking that it makes people suspicious of even the ethical companies.

Sub: #7 posted on Wed, 02/23/2011 - 15:57

goldenbast goldenbast
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For what it is worth guys, Redline is a legit company that legitimately collects debts. Generally speaking, the office in Buffalo has been really good with me. Sure, you get your occasional jack wagon on the phone that acts like a bully but for the most part they have been kind and helpful. The truth is that I had some credit card balances go into default because of a personal situation that I was dealing with. I am familiar with the fact that some companies contract debt collection agencies to collect for them while some agencies buy the debt outright and attempt to collect it themselves.

So, I tried to just be very polite and straight forward with things. They had the appropriate info so there was no scamming taking place. They actually allowed me to settle my debt for about 40% of what I actually owed at the time. I received my confirmation letter in a very reasonable amount of time and I have never had anyone bother me about it since.

Some things to remember about debt collection agencies:

~ There is a high turnover rate because, from what i understand in speaking with a few people that i know who work in collections, it is not a job for everyone. Some people cant take the constant volume and stress, some cant take the abuse that they receive from some debtors/borrowers when they are calling to collect on a legit debt that is absolutely owed and some just dont like sitting on their butts and making phone calls all day. So, it is entirely possible that if you run into a snafu with a company like Redline, it might well be because somebody brand new or even relatively new was handling your file and just screwed up.

~ There are definitely some dirty groups out there that violate the hell out of FDCPA guidelines. However, most of the people that I know in debt collections and others that i have spoken to due to my situation are legitimately out to help you. Yes, it benefits them to collect from you because it helps them reach their bonus goals for the month but many of them say that the best part is helping someone that thought their situation was impossible

~ Debt collectors are lied to CONSTANTLY by debtors. For every honestly sad story out there, there are probably 10 people telling a similar story to the collector calling them and completely fabricating it just to try to get some sympathy and in hopes that the collector will go easy on them. Debtors CONSTANTLY promise to make payments and never follow through. They constantly bounce checks. They constantly give out intentionally wrong info. This is why when you have a debt collector calling you about a debt that is honestly not yours they often won't believe you.

~ Most companies that I am familiar with are shifting to follow FDCPA and state guidelines far more strictly now than ever before. Because of the economy and the fact that it has caused more debt than ever before there is a TON of money to be made by these agencies. So it is just smart business to protect yourself as a collections agency by following the rules rather than to break them in order to collect a few extra debts owed.

~ It is perfectly legal for collectors to call your neighbors, family members, friends, spouses, ex-spouses, employers and anyone else that they deem appropriate to try to track you down. Now there are local guidelines at times (some states won't allow you to disclose certain info even to a spouse, some areas like NYC have limitations on how often you can contact someone in a given week, etc) but generally speaking as long as they do not disclose to that third party why they are trying to track you down (ie: to collect a debt) then they are within the legal parameteres of the law in doing so.

~ The last thing to remember is that, no matter how bad our situation may have become, we are still responsible for paying back our debts. I saw that someone mentioned about statute of limitations on certain debts and I do believe that to be true. However there are also certain debts, mainly federal student loans, that have NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on them. This means that if you are 80 and have been outta school for 60 years and you have not made a payment, you are still responsible for the principal balance, any collections fees accrued over that time and your interest, once the loan is in federal default, compounds DAILY instead of annually!

Again, I realize that there are idiots at every agency. But is that not true of any business? Have we not run into jerks at the local grocery store? How about at Lowes? Walmart? In whatever school you or your kids attend? There are jerks in every walk of life. Where collectors are concerned, because of the questionable acts that went virtually unpunished in the past, they have a reputation as being scummy going into the call. In my own personal dealings with Redline (and other agencies whether i owed them debts or knew someone that worked there) as long as I stayed calm and pleasant and honest about things, I was never once harassed or forced to think something horrible was going to happen to me.

Just my two cents!

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 02/23/2011 - 12:57


They called a family member of mine last night and tried to get my phone number from them. I had never even heard of Redline until then. They told my step-mother that they had already written to me. Bull crap! I am sure it is a scam.

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 02/10/2011 - 02:13


why?i have dealt with this bottomfeeder,and the managers are worse than the benefit to speaking to them at all.

Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 19:39

paulmergel paulmergel
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