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Well we are done with the parties until next month :D

The graduation/birthday party went real good. I am glad it is done. We had enough of everything :D The kids made out real well. But I am still a little tired. We ended up having a bad storm very early sat morning. So it ended up being a little wet on the lawn but we had a nice air conditioned building for the party so even though it was about 80 everyone was comfortable. But with the place we rented we had to get a bartender from their list of people and on thursday night I found out that the person we had to bartend had a death in the family. So I was freaking out. But he finally called me back on sat. morning and he stopped by and got everything set up for us and then he let one of hubby's cousins (who is a bartender) bartend for us. And he left. So everything was good. I just hope I don't have to pay twice for a bartender. I told hubby that he should give her some money for doing that for us. So I hope they don't charge me, that would be $60 for doing 5 mins. of work :x But we will see. So I guess everyone had a great day.

Now I have to go take my son driving, as he got his temps. on Friday. I am kinda scared :?

My daughters car is all fixed now. And no money from the boyfriend :x He still doesn't have a job. And now if she wants to see him or if they want to go anywhere she has to drive. Because his brother won't let him use the car. ANd he doesn't give her any money for gas :x She had to drive 40 mins. one way to go get him for the party. SHe doesn't see anything wrong with this. To me she is dating a 23 year old deadbeat :x But I can't say anything because she won't listen.

With the kitten. she is still here and healthy and happy :D SHe is so damn cute. I will check and see is I can attach a pic. of her. But 3 out of the 4 cats have to go to the vet on the 25th and I think only 2 will end up coming home :cry: My 16 year old one is getting worse. The cyst is getting bigger and so is the hard mass under it. He is deaf and his back legs, you can see he is having troubles getting around and now he is throwing up everyday. So I am thinking the vet will tell me it is time to put him down :cry: Plus I just don't like seeing him suffer like he is. So it will be sad, but I think we will be ok. The first pic. is from the day I found her. and the one with her laying on her back was up at the cabin over the fourth of july weekend.


She is so cute, she doesn't look very old. I am sorry to hear about your older cat, having animals die is very traumatic and it makes you feel like not getting another one. Look at it this way there must have been a reason why you ended up with a stray kitten:)

I hear you on the driving lesson, my nephew will be 15 in February and will start wanting to learn how to drive..scary...although I learned to drive at 13 because we lived in the country it makes me nervous to have him behind the wheel.

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ladybug ladybug

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Thanks Lady :) That is probably why my daughter named her Spirit. And yes it is scary with my son driving, but he has driven alot more stuff than my daughter did, so I think he is going to be a better driver.

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puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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awesome,glad things are good with you.i starting driving at 15
as well.

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