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I tried to post last night to say hi but for some reason it did not post. :-( Just wanted to pop in and say hello to any of the "old timers" that may still be on here. LOL I know that I am not on here as much as I use to be but my life has been such a roller coaster these past 5 years that it isn't even funny. Been out of work for almost 5 years now and has not been fun at all and the bad part is, the longer I am out of work, the harder it is to find a job. Plus not to mention that being 50, although not old, also makes me "less desirable". Dang shame when I can't even get a job at Walmart or even flipping burgers, but I keep trudging on. Just to fill everyone in on how things have been going.....about 4 years ago we lost our house to foreclosure, (but it took stress off of my marriage), and about 2 years ago we voluntarily let our good car be repossessed due to not being able to afford the car payment. Now I am driving a 14 year old car and my husband is driving a 20 year old truck, but gotta do what one has gotta do. This year, right before 4th of July I broke my had rough housing with my son....I hit the outside part of my hand on my son's knee. Doctors asked me if I was a boxer because the type of break it was it was one they said they would typically see on a boxer. LOL Had to wear one of those "boxer" type casts (which was no fun at all, but it was a pretty pink color. LOL) Then my husband had one of his legs swell up twice the size as the other one, and we are still trying to figure out what has/is causing it. We have had blood tests, ultra sounds, CT scan's done and still don't know anything. Another ultra sound is scheduled for Nov. Our recent thing is that I have had pnemunioa (sp) for the past 3 weeks. Feeling better but not over it yet. I don't want to even go add up the amount of drs bills that we have accumulated since July, but it is over $2000, and that is not including medication! 3 years ago my son got married and I have 2 grandchildren....a boy (3 yrs old) and a girl (2 yrs old). My son and daughter-in-law just got back together. They were in a trial separation since May. The past few years they have been living with me and my husband off and on, and we are READY for them to get their own place!!! Love them, but time for them to go. Not really sure if their marriage is going to withstand the hands of time. My daughter-in-law is very lazy and either has her nose shoved in a book, the computer, tv, or her cell phone. She does not like to clean and does what she WANTS, and everything else and every one kind of gets pushed by they way side. She loves the kids, but she does not seem to keep in mind that they are little once and that she is missing out so much. Oh well, all I can do is pray that things work out for the best. My daughter just celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday. She is my baby!!! I feel so old. My husband and I are trying out best to keep our heads above water, which is hard with me not working, but we do the best we can. We have given up so much, but like said, we had to do what we had to do. No, we are not driving super nice vehicles, but they are paid for. No, we don't have our house any more and are now in a small rental, but hopefully one day we will own our own home again. It has been very hard. I am constantly looking for jobs, and I have gotten very depressed about things, but still looking. We are thankful that my husband still has his job. We don't go out and really do a lot of things, but when we do we try to go to places that are fee, or if we go to the movies, we got to the $2.00 theater. It has been very frustrating for us and very trying and many times I have sat and cried. Many times I have been depressed and have lost faith at times, but I just have try to pull myself back up by my bootstraps and go forward. It takes a lot, but I somehow manage to do it. I know that we are not in as good a place as others, but we are also not as bad as some. We still do what we can for others, when we can. I am thankful we have a roof over our heads and food in our tummy and that my husband still has his job. I am also thankful for my family and friends. We try to maintain our sense of humor through everything, even when it is hard to do at times. Lately I have been working on Christmas presents (crafty things) and of course job searching. I have been thinking about take a few online classes, if I can get some financial aid. So on a whole, doing ok. I hope that everyone has been doing well and will pop in here off and on.

Hey, Welcome back 2nband. It feels so good to see you back. Jesus! You're facing a tough time. However, I'm sure everything will be fine soon. :)

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Nice to hear from you again :)

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Jason Jason

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good.nelly ~ We are going through some tough times, but we do try to stay positive, well at least most of the time. LOL When we let the house and car go, we just looked at it like a house is a house....a car is a car.... The house we are in is not very big nor it is my ideal house, it is a lot smaller then our other house, but it is a roof over our head and it is not in a bad neighborhood. It isn't run down, we have a big yard, but we are on a busy road. My car is a 99 Honda accord and at least it is half way decent looking. It has high miles, but my main concern was making sure I can get from point A to point B and also get to KY. (That is where my parents live and with my mom having emphasima want to make sure I can get there when she needs me). We don't eat steaks or anything fancy. I usually make stuff that we can get a few meals out of, but it is stuff we like....homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade veggie soup, homemade spaghetti sauce, meatloaf....stuff like that. So it is all good. LOL I just have to watch what I buy. We still make our donations to the United Way, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (have cousins who have this), Dukes Children's Hospital and the local ASPCA and food pantry (when we can). We are going though a rough time, but there are others that are worse off then we are. We try to look at things like.....we may not be in a good place financially, but we have a lot of other things....each other, our kids, our grandkids, our puppies (down to 2 now), our families and a few good friends.

Jason, in between the other things going on, am hoping to find time to get on here a little more and contribute what I can, in between job searching, babysitting the grandbabies and going to the drs.

God Bless!!!!

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2nband 2nband
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