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I need to get a pre-paid cell. Any recommendations? Would someone that calls you, or someone that you call know that you have a prepaid phone?

TracFone has a reasonably priced phone...and right now, I think Dollar General Stores have the basic TracFone model on sale for less than $10. I believe it's $20 for 60 minutes when you load minutes on the phone. You can either buy a minute card or add minutes online. I've used one for several years now, and I really like it. No monthly bills, no credit checks, nothing like that.

No, someone calling you would not have to have a prepaid cell - anyone can call you.

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Just make sure that you have enough time on your phone when you are using it or it will cut your call off,...been there and done that.

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ladybug ladybug

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Good point, ladybug!

Just a side note, TracFone also has a program where you can pay $10.00 a month and have your phone automatically loaded with 50 minutes and your service extended for another month.

I use this program because I don't use my phone for much of anything except when I'm traveling - so that amount of minutes keeps my phone active.

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Thank you!!!! Can someone tell that you have a prepaid phone when you call them? or when they call you?

Its for my small business and dont want them to know its a prepaid phone.

Thanks!!!!! :D

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You know, I'm not sure about that. I'm not sure if it comes up and says your name on the Caller ID or if it says "TracFone Customer".

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Ok, I just checked my own Caller ID - I called my house with my TracFone to talk to my son one day last week - it says "Wireless Caller".

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Boost is really cool. If you know other people who have Boost and/or Nextel/Sprint you can use the 2 way to call them without using any of your minutes. They also have premium pre pay plans which do not cost anymore than a contract phone bill. These give you free minutes after 7 pm and unlimited text messaging as well as unlimited internet. I think they start around 60 per month. You just have to reload your phone every month.

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polly polly

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Just this weekend, I went to get a pre-paid phone. I ended up getting regular cell phone service. US Cellular offered a deal of phone for a penny (I upgraded the phone and paid only $35 for it), no activation fee, 700 minutes for $39.99/mo w/ FREE INCOMING CALLS, and pro-rate term fee- after 5 months - if I were to terminate my contract. So, I walked out with new phone & service and paid only $45 total! Which was less than what a pre-paid phone (PLUS the minutes) would've cost. (We won't talk about how much AT&T wanted for their "Go Phone.")

And no, your callers won't know it's a pre-paid.

My advice, if you can, look into the US Cellular deal. Perhaps other cell phone companies will match it!

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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Another place to look for a prepaid phone is ebay. I was thinking about selling my old Go Phone and they are going dirt cheap. I would be careful about buying cards but they even had cards at a very discounted rate.

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Ryan_N Ryan_N

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