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I have been contacted by Asset Acceptance, LLC for a debt collection issue. As far as I can tell, the debt is at least 16 years old. It does not appear on my credit reports and has not for almost 10 years. Are they legitimately trying to collect this debt and am I still obligated to deal with them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? Can I simply send them a letter telling them not to contact me?

You have the legal rights to send a cease and desist letter. The company has to stop calling you after receiving your written request. Besides, even though the debt is 16 years old, they still want you to make a small payment so that the expired SOL gets renewed and as a result, it can be reported in your credit report legally. They will also get the legal rights to force collections on it. At this point, they don't have much to do and if they try to report this account in your file, it will be fraudulent. Send a letter stating that the SOL has expired and you are under no legal obligation to pay on this account. It is under your legal rights.

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I don,t know what to do I have no money I am working very little I9 barely have enough to pay my rent, elec, water and there is none left over for nothing else I am on food stamps and barely have enough gas to get to work I am recieveing calls I missed this month I couldn,t even send the minimums. U p to this I payed all my balances then summer came and my hours were cut I have a seasonal job I don,t know what to do the calls are persistant and getting bothersom. I won,t be able to catch up til oct or nov.Do I have legal rights against the harrasement phone calls. HELP ME!!!!!!

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Are you receiving calls from the original creditor or a collection agency?

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The laws regarding calls from debt collectors is governed by the fdcpa and also state laws. is a good place to find a lawyer for this issue.


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