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Payday loan collectors harassing phone calls at my job

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:( My nightmare with Route 66 is back...I paid my loan off with Route 66 in full in 2006 with the help of you great guys, along with a couple other payday loans thus taking me out of my hole. I also sent letter out to stop further harassment and I have been payday loan free for almost four year (I will never do it again). Recently I’ve received several calls at my place of employment from “Morgan and Associates” from a women with the same voice and accent by the name of Anna or sometimes Amy, she calls my place of employment several times a day asking my co-workers for my personal information and when not given she’s very rude. When I finally spoke with her I attempted to obtain information to contact her at a more convenient time she was reluctant but then gave be a number with an 815 area code, when asked the amount owed she stated $800. I informed her that the payday loan was only for $325 loan was taken out in 2006 but it has long been satisfied, could she send me proof and to also stop calling my place of employment she then became very rude telling me to “shut up” “and just pay what I owe”. When I said “excuse me” she then began to yell and tell me she’s going to get me fired and call a thousand times a day then file charges. I know this is just scare tactics but how can I fight this quietly and stop the verbal abusive and harassing phone calls at my job?


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Sub: #1 You really can't stop her, but, you can call the phone company p
Wed, 05/06/2009 - 15:37

You really can't stop her, but, you can call the phone company provider and complain, keep track of the times they call and the phone numer if at all possible. Don't speak with them at all, hang up immediately and continue to do this, they will tire of talking to thin air sooner than someone who is arguing back.


Sub: #2 You really can stop need to send a certified letter.
Thu, 05/07/2009 - 12:45

You really can stop need to send a certified letter. You have to have it in writing that you are asking them to stop calling your work, but you also have to provide them with alternate number. Dave Ramsey has great form letters to use for stopping harassing creditors. Check out his website!


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Sub: #3 It sounds like you've run into what we call for lack of a better
Thu, 05/07/2009 - 18:58

It sounds like you've run into what we call for lack of a better term a bottom feeder. These are people who will stop at nothing to collect a debt--legal or illegal.
First things first, however. How good of a relationship do you have with your boss? The reason I ask is that you might have to let your boss know what's going on--as this woman will probably try and speak with him or her. Most bosses will be supportive, but I know that confiding in your manager is not easy. I had to do it myself when CashToday was calling my workplace and she was very supportive. The best defense imho is a good offense--so when they threaten this, you can say "My boss already knows". Score: one for you.

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