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Just wondering if anyone else is or has been experiencing this problem. Like a log of us in here I had a WS loan, transferred to CC, I overpaid by $1000 so I stopped paying sent all my letters and all that stuff. I had been pulling my Experian credit report where CC was reporting I was in default and blah blah blah. Well my WS/CC was transferred to Delbert. I went on to Experian and they had my CC as closed now. Delbert is not reporting. It's been like 3 months. I've disputed with Experian and I've read they are in with CC. So yesterday I decided to pull all 3 credit reports and WS/CC/Delbert is not on any of the other two. There is nothing to do with them at all on my credit report except Experian. Anyone else having this issue? Any tips? Also has anyone heard any news (I'm in Michigan) because I get nothing from them anymore. It's been 9 months I've been in "default". Thanks!

Well, it is partly to do with the fact that MI has taken action against them and also due to some other things that got Experian's attention to investigate the reporting of these loans. Both Experian and Equifax have been put on notice about the federal and state actions and they are taken disputes a little more seriously. I know this from experience and was able to get the information removed from both of my reports. Take it for what it is as a victory and keep an eye on those reports to make sure they don't come back.

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