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I just filed a complaint online with the NC AG regarding Mobiloans, and they want me to submit documentation to support my claim. In going through my e-mails I realized that I never received an actual copy of a loan agreement. I called to ask about this and they told me that they have a standard loan agreement (their terms and conditions) you access online. So when I went to do this online, I saw that the terms and conditions were as of 8-23-13, which is conveniently the same date I received an e-mail stating they were no longer able to lend money in NC. I requested a copy of the terms and conditions I was under when I took out this loan in June, but I don't expect to hear back from them. Since my loan was taken out before these new terms and conditions appeared on their website, should I NOT include this in the information I send to the AG office? If not, then what should I send? Would copies of my statements be sufficient?

Call your AG's office and tell them what your issue is.

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