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I am currently trying to close out the few loans I have via the methods mentioned throughout these forums. I have sent the letters to the lendors, and I have put a stop/hold on my checking. I will be closing that account, but I have some issues i have to work out first. But for the time being they cannot debit any funds from my account. This morning, 1 day after the payment from cash yes was to be paid, i got a wierd debit hit my account. its from "spotloan" and its a phone int payment for an odd-lesser amount then was due. I tried searching the web, but im not coming up with this company bein related to each other kinda like westernsky/cashcall/dielbert....

Anyone know if they are related???

I don't think they are related, Spot Loan is tribal, and Cash Yes is off shore in Belize. Either way, both are illegal lenders.

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Thats funny because i dont have, and never have had, a loan with spot loan. But they do seem to have my checking account information. This is what my online statement says

its for 157.94


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Do you have an outstanding loan with Cash Yes? Did you authorize a check by phone with them? Both companies are illegal. You should dispute with your bank fraud division and close that bank account down and open another not tied to that done and follow the sticky on this site from Ohiogal on how to deal with illegal lenders.

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