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I've seen people writing about getting a loan from Western Sky that is illegal and then having it transferred to CashCall. Has anyone had any success in dealing with CashCall, getting a PIF or any type of resolution from them?

I live in PA. I took out a loan with Western Sky. It was immediately transferred to CashCall, but originated with Western Sky, which is illegal in my state. I am almost done paying the principal and would like to send them the C&D letters, etc, but I'm not sure if that will still work. I know they bought an illegal debt so I am in the right, but I'm scared of their collection tactics as I have heard they are brutal.

Payday lending is prohibited in the State of Pennsylvania. Thus, neither Western Sky nor Cashcall are licensed to operate in your state. You can check out the given page in order to know how you can deal with these unlicensed payday lenders: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/paydayloan/illegal-p dl-dealings.html .

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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I completely agree with Anna. Illegal payday lenders don???t have any right to take any legal action against you. As they are illegal, so you will be bound to pay only the principal amount and nothing else. To know more about the state pdl laws, glance through the following link:
http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/paydayloan/explain-p dls-laws.html

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Lenders are prohibited from extending high interest rate loans in Pennsylvania hence both Western Sky and Cashcall are illegal. When you have to pay back such a loan, you only have to pay back the principal amount.
You can also contact the office of your state's Attorney general are request them to provide you with the payday loan laws in your state so that you can deal with your creditors conveniently.


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scarlett.brooks13 scarlett.brooks13

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