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I dont know what to do I am in payday loan hell and I dont think I can get out. I feel like I am in a grave and the dirt is coming in on me. Please help if you can. I have LOTS of pay day loans. Some clear back from 8/06!! Is there a way out?

Of course there is a way out! :D You've come to the right place, Welcome. A lot of us here have been exactly where you are right now, and we understand the emotions your feeling right now. But trust me, there's a light, and you'll see it very soon.

The first thing you are going to need to do is be very specific..Please tell us the name of every comapny you're dealing with, how much the original loan was for, and how long you've been paying on them. Plus, we'll need to know if all of these are internet lenders, and what state you're in. Once we get that info from you, you'll get all the advice and help you need here.

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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I have been where u r rgardener trust me it does get better I was paying on some of mine since 10/06 so the ones u have been paying on forever u probably have over paid listen to what fins said list them here and how much they were and how much u have paid and what state ur from and u will get alot of very good advice from the ppl in here make sure and include what state u live in and if there all internet or storefront

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lostlady468inpa lostlady468inpa

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Thanks for the reply
I live in Ohio and here is my situation. I have been borrowing from everyone to just keep my head above the water but now I think I am in to deep!
VC funding $200/fee 60 since 9/06
Route 66 Funding $200/fee 60 since 8/06
CashnetUsa $500/fee 75 since 6/07
MyCashNow $480/ fee varies since 6/07
SGQ Processing $200/ fee 60 since 2/07
GFS $200/ fee 60 since 2/07
Payday avenue $200/ fee 71.95 since6/07
Zip Cash $300 /fee 90 since 9/06
Epay day $300 /fee 90 since 11/06
Debt Dr $200/ fee 60 since11/06
Electronic Payday $$200 /fee 60 since 11/06
Midland Mark $200/fee 60 since 9/06
Loanshop/redhors 500 fee 50(paid down some)since 3/07
Nation money store 300/fee 50(paid down some since 11/07
GFSIL 200/fee 60 since 11/06
payday ok 500 fee varies since 5/07
payday select 500 fee varies since 5/07
payday select 500 fee varies since 5/07 200/fee 60 since 7/07
Cash point/Dinero Investment 200/fee 60 since 6/07
pay day loan yes 400/fee 120 since 7/07
plus I also have apayday loan thru a store -
cashland 600/fees 89.60 since 6/07
I feel so ashamed of what I have done. I thought I would just be able to get out so easy and then the next thing you know Damn you are in over your head. I have three kids and I am really at the point of losing eveything because of what I did. I dont know what to do and I am afraid now i might end up going to jail or possibly prision over all of this. Really stupid and I dont know what to do. Please help me before I lose everything along with my kids. I already lost my sanity.

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rgardner - Oh my goodness. You've so overpaid these people. My heart is aching for you. You've been in this cycle way too long & you've paid these pdl's a lot more back. Add up all the "fees" you've paid since 2006 & 2007 and you're still paying. You've paid these people 10 times over. You need desperately to get your bank account under control so these people can not get any more money. And I'm talking ASAP. If these are all internet (are they ALL internet?) you need to go to your bank and close that account. If they won't let you close it (or if any debits will "force" it open - ask them), then put a HARD DEBIT BLOCK on it. No debits will go through. Credits only. Sucks cause you can't use your ATM card or write checks or whatever, but YOU WILL HAVE YOUR MONEY BACK!!! First of all, get your bank account in order now. Close it, freeze it, block it - whatever you have to do ASAP. Honey, add up all the money you've given these pdl's. I'm about to cry.Can someone on here post the laws for her state regarding pdl's, please? We will help you get out of this trap. You've already paid these people WAY OVER what you should have. Okay? You're not going to go to jail. You're not going to get in trouble. We are all here to help you. PLEASE get your bank account closed/froze/blocked ASAP. Then we will proceed from there. We can get your state law posted regarding pdl's and we can walk you through the process of maybe even getting refunds from these places. Please, please listen to me. You've got to get that bank account to the point where they can NOT debit any longer! That is your first step!!! We can help you!

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cannr cannr

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please find your info here dls-laws.html

There are a lot of users here from Ohio that can talk about the specifics of Ohio law, but they can only charge a certain amount. And they have to be licenesed. I know that CashNet USA is licensed, but most of your other loans are not.

Please read the following link regarding some important information to know before you go to the bank to close your bank account: ount.html

As Cannr said - You desperatly need to get your bank account under control. It really is the first step you must take in regaining control over your finances.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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goudah has posted your state laws. FIRST - get your bank account taken care of. Then, go through all your pdl's. It's a hassle, but worth it. You need to figure out how much you borrowed, how much you've paid them, then how much you actually legally owed. I'm telling you now - you've overpaid on a lot of these by quite a bit. You'll be surprised once you have it on paper. But, please, fix your bank account so that the debits won't come out - then figure the pdl money info. and post again. We can help you.

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cannr cannr

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I will keep you in my prayers. I don't have PDL's but I had another problem and everyone here helped me through. Do what the members say. I almost sat here and lost my sanity too!

Please do what they tell you to do and in a few days things will look and be better for your and the children. It is a hassle but you have to do this to prevail.

Prayers are coming your way!



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poconomoki poconomoki

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rgardener1 hang in there take the advice u r given here and follow it I was once where u r but not as many I was ready to kill myself threw all this crao til I found this site and these ppl r very helpful today I received a email from mt oread ventures telling me I would b recieving a refund in the mail for what I have over paid them that was after my attorney general contacted them so there is light at the end of the tunnel when u see how much u actually overpaid them you won't believe it but ur eyes don't lie u will b in my prayers

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lostlady468inpa lostlady468inpa

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Rgardner1, hello! I am in Ohio too. You have come to the right place for help and there IS a way out of this. First things first, Cashland and Cashnet USA are both legal. Read the thread on closing your bank account and follow those directions. Once your checks to Cashland bounces, they will contact you by phone. They will want to set up payments and will do so. They will want to take care of it in one or two payments but only agree to what you can comfortably afford and make sure you stick with it because they are legal and they do take people to court. CashnetUSA is another legal one, like Goudah said. They will want a couple of large payments but will take whatever you send them. Just be honest with them and tell them how much and when you will send it. They may tell you it's not an acceptable arrangement but they will take anything you send. Please get your bank statements together and figure out exactly how much you have paid each one of the other places then we can proceed from there. The Ohio attorney general did help me get many of my pdl's settled and paid in full letters and from the looks of it you don't owe lots of these places anything else. Chin up....we will help get you through this!!!!!

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Sassnlucy Sassnlucy
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If I put a hard block on my account how will I get money out to pay bills? I have a house payment coming out soon? Electric, House insurance. how do I pay these? Also can someone show an example of a letter I need to send to these people to tell them to stop charging my account. Thanks

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