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I hav a loan with western sky and is now with delbert. I just logged into the delbert site and they want metro sign something electronically . Of course, the bank acct information they have on file is already closed as I have already paid cash call $198.07 per month for one year on a $1000..00 and they expect me to keep paying this amount for another year at 149 percent interest rate. Now no one has contacted me either by phone or e mail from delbert. I had a payment scheduled for sep 3, 2013, however I had already closed my bank acct. what shall I do?. Send them a c and d letter, or wait an see what the do. I filed complaints with the Florida division of financial services with them and my other illegal payday loans. Help please.

What do you want help with? There is nothing they can do. I filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Regulation and was told the loans are void and unenforceable in Florida.

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Scubus Scubus

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Send Delbert a C&D letter and use the notices that you get from the FOFR to dispute the listing on your credit report from Cash Call. Do not sign anything with them or agree to any payments as you owe them nothing.

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tousi76 tousi76

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Do I send Delbert a C&D letter via E mail or in writing, and if so does any one have the e mail for Delbert and their address, or do use their address on their web site. It seems they have two different addresses. Thanks.

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I would send one via email and then just to be safe I would send one to each address certified mail. This should insure that they receive it,

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tousi76 tousi76

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