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Okay, here is the entire shitty mess of a rodeo I have:
My credit score is a: 568, which is actually better than I had anticipated!

I have charge-offs! Lots of charge-offs!

Now here is my question these charge-offs are from two years ago to almost five years ago!

Some of them are payday loans sent to collections, and some others old credit cards, etc!

Also, I had a payday loan with Spotloan over the summer! I am waiting for that loan to roll into collections as well!

Do I let these roll, and slide under the SOL! I am in Pennsylvania the SOL is four years. I have collection agencies attempting to collect on accounts from five years ago! I basically tell them to kiss off, and die!

Additionally I have joint accounts that are 11-grand! (I am attempting to pay off the joint accounts, first) The joint accounts are closed, and are in balance liquid program, Bank of America, and Chase.

The entire mess comes to around 25-grand!

Or do I enroll the entire shittin’ mess into a debt consolation program?

One a positive note: I paid off my car loan, to Capital One! And closed my credit card with them!

I can obtain a card from First Premier! I know, their reputation is questionable at best! But, at least it’s a start towards “attempting” to re-build the train wreck of my credit!

Payday lending is prohibited in Pennsylvania. All of your lenders are illegal in your state. You owe them only the principal balance. Nothing more than that. Close down your old bank account to stop debiting money from your account. As far as the credit cards are concerned, contact with the credit card company and try to consolidate your credit card debts. Don’t hire a debt relief company to consolidate your debts, they will charge a heavy fee. Try to do it on your own.

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I have a loan with Spot Loan and AWL are they legal in the state of NC?

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Payday lending is prohibited in North Carolina. That means Spot Loan and American Web Loan are also illegal as well.

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