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After consistently emailing MY WEB FUNDS every day informing them that i overpaid over 800 dollars I am finally getting my refund. What I did was dispute one of their transactions with my bank, and I believe this is what got through to them. I disputed the transaction back in May, and was told I won the dispute by VISA-and received the 250$ back in my account....I then sent another email this morning demanding a paid in full, and my refund, and received the following...


I have sent you about four emails trying to resolve this matter and get your account closed with us, we will return the money to you and the total is 565.93 USD since the payment for 250 USD was disputed and taken out from our bank account. In order for us to return the money we need valid bank account information so we can deposit the money. Once we have that information it will take up to three business days for you to have the funds in your account. I will be waiting for your information so we can give your account as closed and close the line of business.

Now while I searched, AND SEARCHED, my inbox for any kind of email response from them with no avail, I am pleased to report I will be receiving a refund. I went ahead and opened a prepaid account, for the funds to be safely deposited on-There is hope, people will eventually work with you. I was told by many that I wouldnt get a refund-but I had hope...

Hang in there, and dont make the mistake of payday loans again!

I would have told them absolutely not...mail me a certified check.

Make sure you empty that prepaid account as soon as the funds are deposited.

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Oh no worries about that- I have it linked to another bank-to where I can transfer all the money to my actual bank account right away-I get a text alert as soon as the money hits as well.

I additionally I notified the bank of the prepaid care the situation, and that they are an illegal company, and that they should not be debiting money from my account at all-once I transfer the money to my account, I also let the bank of the prepaid know that I would be closing the card.

They also sent me this email

We will send it ACH and will have the Proof in your account, and the funds will be reflected in your account the latest on Friday August 09, 2013. Once it happens your case will be considered as closed and all emails as well as the transaction will be in your records.

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Congrats on the refund!!

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Just an update, I did receive my refund, and PIF-and closed that prepaid account-I'll take the wiin!

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Way to go!! Another victory.

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bingonut bingonut

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There is hope! YAY!

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