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Here's my situation. I Currently dealing with 6 payday loans. My bank wouldn't let me close my checking account and open a new one due to my past. I'm a nervous wreck now. Two weeks ago, I did put a ACH block on all my payday loans and it worked. I'm just afraid they might use a diffferent name for my next paydate and still get money out of my account! I'm also nervous because the lenders have not contacted me about this. The lenders that havent said anything are the cwb services (sandpoint, insight capital, vandelier group) only cash taxi and ideal gelt called back.

What can I do about this?????

Did you give your bank a copy of the ACH revocations?? Talk to a branch manager??

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I've talked to a manager over the phone about the ACH blocks. They sent me letters of the confirmation of ACH blocks on my account. It worked on my last paydate just afraid lenders might do something different next time around?? I didn't give a copy to the bank. the Lenders havent even said anything to me about this and I havent sent any letters???

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you need to go in are playing with fire here.follow the primer in soaplady's signature.send the letters,and go in person to secure/close the account.btw what do you mean your past?did you lose an account in the past due to NSF'S?to close the reason they haven't tried another way i:e another amount,co name is because you haven't followed the sticky.go there and follow it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tommy -- I'm guessing you are in NY -- here is something you need to take to your bank immediately and demand they close your account and open you a new one. Also it looks like the reason most of your lenders were not successful is because the ACH clearing house shut down their access to ACH. Take copies of all of these to your bank ASAP. sternSkyFinanci... http://; http://w

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