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usawebcash and all credit lenders

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I am in Illinois and I borrowed 400 with USAwebcash and 300 with all credit lenders. They are installment loan. So far I have paid

$258 with usawebcash and $207 with all credit lenders. none of this money is going toward principle and I need to know since these are installment loans, am I just screwed. Usawebcase says I owe them $845 and All credit lenders say I owe them $306. I sent an letter to get the wage assignment lifted for usawebcash but they told me they were going to send something to my employer. Even though in their paperwork online, it says I could.

Is there anything I can do? Thanks everyone for your advice.

At first try to find out whether or not pdl companies are licensed in your state. If they are illegal, then you are required to pay them only the principal. No interest, no fees. Keep in mind, illegal lenders can’t do anything.

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another generic response.i am in IL and know people that have had loans with both,and they are CSO/installment lenders licensed in here is what i would do.

1)contact all credit and see if you can work out a settlememt,or payment plan for the 306.00

2)usawebcash is a d/b/a of genesis financial in northbrook il.there number is 1-800-618-6576 contactr them about your situation.see what you can work out.

bottomline is all credit has a hand signed wage assignmemt,and even if you revoke it they can get a garnishment court ordered.all credit will work with you,and contact genesis about their d/b/a and see if they can help you.

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Well, when I wrote this I had 2 installment loans and a online payday loan from Sigma Solutions. Quick update- My 2 installment loans (all credit lenders and usawebcash) are letting me make payments with no more accruing interest and with Sigma Solutions, I sent my ach revocation and wage revocation and have not heard one peep out of them. No email, no call, no more debits out of my account and I am not going to think about it. My money is protected and I do not want to be in this situation again.

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Good for you! Hopefully, you will not hear from Sigma ever again.

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