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Please be aware. I got a transaction from US National Bank that some how was from someone else and it wiped out my checking account. I got paid on 6/13 and the morning of 6/14 I was $800 negative even though I only paid 5 bills and withdrew money from my account. I check my account that night and again in the morning and that is when I discovered the transaction. I contacted the bank and they told me that the Risk Fraud Department was closed and when the representative reviewed my account, I was told that it was a strange transaction with no check number and no ACH in front of it. So my accounts were put on hold from anything else going into the accounts. I called the Fraud Department of Monday and filed a claim for investigation. I had to get a new account and take the direct deposit forms to the Personnel Office where I worked so that my next payday would go into the new account and I will close the old account when the funds are wired into the new account. I was stressed all last weekend wondering who was in my account that fast. It is amazing because there is no National Bank in the area I live in and it also had a 6/10 posted date for deposit which I know I did not do any deposits for that day. I googled this Bank for the area I live in and there is no such bank in the area. The bank resolved the problem and my money was restored along with fraud alert on my accounts. So beware and check your accounts everyday for fraud because there are some shady folks out here these days.

Did you apply for a pdl perhaps? That is scary that this happened. It sounds like your bank was quick to get things straightened for you.

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ladybug ladybug

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No I did not have any pdl's. I got them paid off a few months ago. I don't know where this came from and yes I am so glad it was cleared so fast. I was also told by a bank manager to be careful using debit cards in restaurants because when paying your bill, there is a possibility that your numbers are written down before you get your card back and also when paying for items at stores, use credit instead of debit because in most cases you don't have to use your PIN number and also be careful at ATM's because there is some kind of device that are in the slots where your cards goes in that can scan all the numbers and when you put you PIN in it captures that too. I use cash when possible especially in restaurants. I know it is a pain because cards seem to be safer but there are so many scam artists with high tech ways to get around the toughest of firewalls. So to everyone, please be careful.

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Thanks that information it is very helpful. It is ashame that people are like this...always trying to take money from people. Perhaps if these idiots got a job and used their talents that way they could make an honest, good living.

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ladybug ladybug

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it's obvious these mopes phished for your information.ladybug is right,shame that so many evil people exist in this world.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Amen to THAT, Ladybug!!! ;)

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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Thank you for your nice replies. Just think of all the people in the world who are victims of the same thing that happened to me but they don't check their accounts to see what is going on and have to wait even long for results because they took so long to report it to their bank. Are we living in the last days and time or what???

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Lots of scammers out there that are too lazy to go out and get an honest job and have too much time on their hands to destroy people's lives.

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ladybug ladybug

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Dis it say US National Bank on your statemant? They are a fraudulent collection agency who made up that name. There is no such thing as US National Bank!

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Yes US National Bank was on my statement when I went to the bank. I did get my money back and closed that account.

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mslibra1019, you said you had PDL's and paid them off a few months ago? I'm wondering if the PDL company was still trying to dip it's greedy little fingers into your account, even though you DID pay off the loans? Or whoever runs "US National Bank" got your account information from the PDL company? The name of US National Bank seems to be connected with so many PDL's, it wouldn't surprise me.

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