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Can anyone help me out with MTE financial i took aout a loan with them in august and a collection agency by the name of PDM(phoenix debt management took over the account. when I called PDM they said that my loan is with quickencash or quichcash which never deposited money into my account at all since Ive already paid back $345.00 on a $300 loan do i still have to pay what they are asking for $480?
when I sent a letter to the BBB this is the response I got back from MTE.

Mr. Wade,
We have reviewed gobet12 rebuttal to our initial response. We do not have any affiliation with a collection agency by the name of "Phoenix Debt Management (PDM)," nor has any other company debited any customer's account using our name. Additionally, we only have the bank account information that this customer provided us with when he applied for his unpaid loan. At no time did we ask for other bank account information from him. Based on this allegation, it is our belief that this customer has confused his delinquent account with our company with a delinquent account that he has with another company.

Due to the fact that we have no affiliation with the company that gobet12 claims debited the account, we also never received the payment that this customer claims to have made. We credited $300.00 to this customer's account as promised in the signed loan agreement. We never received one payment. As stated previously, the very first payment that we attempted to debit from the account for repayment of the loan was returned to us as "Payment Stopped." At that point, we attempted to contact the customer on numerous occasions to settle the debt, but were unsuccessful. The delinquent account was subsequently referred to an outside collection agency for handling.

We will reiterate the fact that, at this point, due to the fact that we no longer hold the account in our office, we do not have the option of offering any type of settlement for resolution of this complaint. If the customer is interested in making a payment arrangement, they will need to do so with the collection agency assigned to the account.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. We will consider this matter closed unless we hear from you.


Compliance Department

How do I respond to this letter back to the BBB and MTE Financial?? help these people are very rude.

MTE is famous for not acknowledging their companies when responding to the BBB. Have you sent a debt validation letter to the collection agency? Many times they won't be able to properly validate. One of the things they need to validate is that they have a license. Have you filed a complaint with your state's AG's office or dept of finance?

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pybasj pybasj

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py has a good point. If it is a collection agency they must validate if you request it in writing. Also I know MTE goes by many different DBA's.

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Morningstarr430 Morningstarr430

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Please do at the PYB and Morning advised. If you need help with a letter just let us know. I have had four pdls go to collections and have already gotten one to admit they could not validate my debt and zero out my account.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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Roxy, how did you get them to zero out your account?

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What PDL was it?

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llw1995 llw1995

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