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I have 3 Pdl's

Pay Day Yes in DE - $300.00 have paid $180.00 in fees

United Cash Loans- $300.00 have paid $90.00 in fees

Loan Shop - $300.00 have paid $90.00 in fees.

I live in California and have closed my bank of america account. I opened a new account and I checked my account online today to see that pay day yes took $120.00 out of my new account that they did not have my new account number on. I have every intentions of paying the loans back but I need advice on how to go about getting them to stop debting my account and stop the harrassing phone calls. Thank you in advance.

lets see, you borrowed 900.00 and only paid back 360.00 and closed your acct.didn't you agree to let them debit your acct?
You want them to put money in your account, but don't want them taking their money out as agreed. Thats why these companes have to charge such high rates.

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boy the trolls are out today.first,if a pdl is illegal they get there
money how the consumer wants,not how they want.second the
ACH debit authorization is revokable and along
troll your stupid point was made,we'll take it under advisement.. :roll: :roll:

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Well first of all in response to the attorney general's advice, I don't think that they intended to not pay them back, they are probably trying to work on getting out of the pdl cycle and took the correct route in stopping the automatic withdrawls.

I haven't seen anyone here say they weren't paying back the money that they actually borrowed they pay back the prinicipal amount and not the ridiculous fees they tack on each month.

Other's will be along to advise you further.

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ladybug ladybug

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ok back to advise,from my vantage point none of your pdl's
are licensed in you only owe the principal amount should take care of your bank before you do anything else.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I thought I had closed my original account inwhich I guess I didn't because a transaction was sent through for 1 of the pdl's yesterday and they took out 120.00. After reading the site I guess I need to completely close my account and open a new 1. But how do I proceed with fighting the pdl companies?

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mslavette2u mslavette2u

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Yes, closing your account will deter any further transactions to your account. Good thing is you have not overpaid any of the PDLs. . yet. I can tell you that United Cash Loans is part of MNE and illegal. Once the account is closed, you can send out a C and D letter which will revoke just about everything you agreed to when taking out the loan. You should also file complaints to your AG, the BBB, the FTC and any Banking Departments in CA. And to the post from AG, I really don't think anyone on this board goes into this with the intention of not repaying what was deposited into their account. In fact, most would be willing to repay with "interest" if the PDLs were upfront, fair and honest. Unfortunately, they are not. It is only AFTER they use the "hook" on their websites to lure you in do you find out just what you are dealing with. I am willing to be that the majority of these PDLs have made a very "decent", and I use the term as an oxymoron, income off of the vulnerable people that they take advantage of. Please do not assume that everyone is out to get them. However, what they say about payback is true.

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llw1995 llw1995

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