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tribal lenders as pertaining to payday loans

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Just wanted to post this link to the federal trade commission:

Seem like the state of Nevada along with the federal trade commission has filed suit against these companies. You can look and see if your company is on there and know they are an illegal entity formed under the pretense of being a federally protected legal tribe. I knew my two payday lenders, 500fastcash and oneclickcash, were that. It states it at the bottom of their website. There is no address for them on their site and only a customer service email and toll free number. Am still searching to see if I can come up with an address.

In the meantime, if you have a loan with any of these companies, contact the FTC and file a claim. I just did. You may not see a penny of your money back but we need to let the FTC know these companies are skirting the laws of the United States by forming companies under federally protected Indian tribes.

Oh by the way. I am not claiming to be a legal expert. I do not understand much about the suit being filed and who is seeking damages. Just was looking to make sure my tribal lender was one of those skirting the laws. If there is any legal expert, he may can deciper it.

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sewsewgrandma sewsewgrandma

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I just saw this and wondered if someone from Missouri (when loan was done) and now living in Indiana can file complaint or whatever it is with this? I have loan with united cash loans and am brig buried under it....after all I've been reading I am planning to close my bank account just to stop the withdrawals.

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gonementally2day gonementally2day

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Closing your account should be an ACH and wage garnishment revocation as your primary line of attack. Hopefully you have read Ohiogirls instructions....,the info is in my signature line.

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United Cash Loans is definitely one of those under investigation and the FTC has filed a lawsuit against them. Click on the link and you will see them listed in the suit. They are one of the tribal lenders the FTC and states are going after. Just send them a revoke and I do not think you will have any problems. I had two with the tribal lenders and could not find any information anywhere--no address, license, etc. I even contacted the state where they were supposedly licensed and have an email from the secretary of state stating they were ordered to cease and desist doing business in their state but just ignored the law. Now they are being taken to court. That is their business is--they will never show up because they are not even here in the U.S. I send them the revokes and haven't heard a word from them. They owe me money and I told them to bring it on. I am fully armed with ammo. Don't think you will have problems but I am not a lawyer, just from what I have researched. Good luck!

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Sorry I forgot to log in. Click on the link on my thread and you will see the names of all listed in the lawsuit and United Cash was one. They are operating under a bunch of different business names. That is why I posted the link--as proof of tribal and that they were being sued by the FTC. Report them. We need to let the FTC know what is going on. (I think they do already hence the suit.) But every little bit of information will help them. Good luck!

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sewsewgrandma sewsewgrandma

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I have been reading up on sovereign immunity and I haven't found anywhere that it applies to a Tribe sueing a non-member. It was was set up to protect memeber/nation of a tribes from being sued /legal actions by us non-members . However I did find that they can infact sue a non-member. They can sue in state or federal court. If they sue you in state court, you can remove it to federal court. Once they sue you, then they have waived sovereign immunity for that issue. So if they waive they sovereign immunity for a payday loan it seems they would then be violation state laws, because they gave up that immunity.

Basic definition of sovereign immunity

A legal defense to a court action granted to a sovereign tribal government and its entities that prohibits a lawsuit against itself, its entities and its employees unless the

defense has either been abrogated by the United States or the Tribes has expressly waived its immunity

Hope this helps. If anyone else has researched this and can shed more insight, please do.

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SeniorMama SeniorMama

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if a tribe brings legal action off their tribal ground.they waive their the rub.each tribal lender has maybe a few members giving immunity to complete pieces of garbage.meaning only a few tribesman are aware of this and benefitting from this.that is the part that should be looked into as the humanoids who call,and email their stupidity are as much a part of the tribe as you are.that is why these tribal lenders need to be shutdown completely.

Sub: #7 posted on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 18:20

paulmergel paulmergel
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