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I took out a payday loan w/check 'n go in aug. '12. I had been out of work for many months and struggling physically to work at all. I tried to work for one month, but had to quit sept. 15, '12. Doctor told me to apply for disability which I did. Not working left me no money to pay back the payday loan. They called my references telling thme about my debt and telling them I was going to jail. Upset my whole church family terribly. I filed a complaint w/the company and got no response. They called yelling, cursing, and screaming, so I stopped answering the calls. I tried to get them to at least respond to the privacy complaint telling them, when they did I would work out a payment and not until. Now they have a collection agency threatening to charge me in court w/fraud and breach of contract hinting, not actually saying it, but hinting I could go to jail on fraud charges. can I go to jail if they try to charge me with fraud?

No you CANNOT go to jail...debts are civil, not criminal.

Send the collection agency a cease and desist letter telling them to NEVER contact you or anyone else again. File a complaint with your state AG's office and the FTC.

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Have you tried contacting Check 'N Go directly and bypassing the Collection Agency? I bet they would probably work something out with you.

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No because you didn't commit fraud... tell them to drop dead and call Check N Go and verify placement. Even if this is a legit CA, they are breaking the law.. do as soaplady says.

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