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My boyfriend was contacted by a law firm about an investigation about me. I called them back and they are demanding $390.00 to be paid due to an unpaid payday loan. They have threathened me if I don't go for this option that I will face 6 months to 1 year in prison for check fraud. Please help

What is the name of the firm? This is most likely a scam. Any reputable collection agency or law firm will first send you a demand letter or dunning letter. By threatening you, they are violating the FDCPA. Should they call you again, make sure to get their mailing address so you can send them a C&D and/or debt validation letter. Whatever you do, do not give them any information nor verify any information they may have. Tell them to put it in writing and to forward to your address of record otherwise you have nothing further to say to them and should they continue with their threats you will be reporting them. Then promptly hang up.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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report them to your local police anyway,debts are civil matters at best.this "law firm"broke the law in threatening jail.btw they are a them as momofthree27 advised demand something in writing and state that you will not speak to them again until you get it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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They are scammers. They are just trying to scare you. Don’t share any personal information with them. File a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC immediately.

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