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Hello everyone!

I had taken a payday loan out over a year ago, more like 2 years ago... I paid half of it back or so(about 150$) and they kept tacking interest and whatnot on, so i sent them a cease and desist letter, closed my bank account, and ignored them. I received a phone call today from "Joe Hainey" at "Reliance Exchange", saying my debt is 1100$ but they will settle for 550$, due TOMORROW, 1/16/2015. He threatened both garnishing my wages, as well as the "client" taking me to court.

He knew information such as the date of the loan, the bank account used to receive the money...

I'm not sure what to do! I asked for physical papers in the mail, and he said that i should have received 2 letters in the mail today, which i stated that I didnt. he said mailing more papers would take up to 15 days, but that since i only have until tomorrow before they garnish wages and take me to court(he even told me which court, pretty local to me).

I asked him to email me information at least, and the docx he sent barely even looks legit.

Theres the header type thing, "Reliant Group, 3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suite 305-202 Duluth GA 30096 Tel: 855-233-4163" and then information about the situation. Just a confirmation letter for written verification, that once I pay I'll be issued a release letter, and that its an attempt to collect a debt from a professional collection agency. His email address has a subdomain at, which is the firm he works at I'm guessing?

Help please!!! I can easily settle for the 550, but I'm worried it wont fix my debt, or they will take more than I allow...

My guess is this is a bottom feeding debt collector that probably bought the old debt for pennies on the dollar... If you are going to be sued and have wages garnished you will be served to go to court.. What state are you in? You can call the local court that they stated and see if you are on the docket! They don't garnish and then take you to court... If you request debt validation , which you did they have to send you that in writing via us mail... I would not pay them squat!!!

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Ohhhh so they can't just garnish my wages? I mean I'm not super super concerned, but wanted to get this out of my way. I'm in Massachusetts. They wouldn't send validation through mail, but when I spoke to the guy on the phone, he said he would email me the validation, and put me on hold for a good 5-8 minutes. The docx file he sent me looks like a botched "validation" written in about 5 minutes or so, with some random case file numbers and what not.

I obviously didn't want to give my credit card number to someone random over the phone; I suggested I send a bank check or something but he said I "needed" to pay by the 16th at 4:00 PM.

So I might have to go to court possibly? would I be required to most likely pay the full amount, or would I be able to maybe do the 550$ settlement?

I'm just going to avoid it either way, and just see what happens. I'll call the court when I go on my break tomorrow though :)

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featherstone1780 featherstone1780

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Here is a link to the garnishment laws for Massachusetts - -garnishment-la... - and you can see they have to have a judgement order to be able to do so...

I have never heard of a hand written validation being emailed...

I would not send them a dime and I seriously doubt you are going to be going to court!!! Let me know what they say when you call the court that your are supposedly being sued in and have not been served!!

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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you are in MA this bottomfeeding scuzzpile is in GA as i have heard of them before.this is a scam,and i guarantee there is nothing here but bullshit from as helpinaz advised,but once it's confirmed file AG,and FTC complaints.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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