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I was involved in the lawsuit against WS and was sent papers if I wanted a refund for the overage I paid to them. I just received a refund check in the mail but not equivalent to what I paid over. In total the loan I received was for $2,525 and the total amount I paid was $3,301.75. The check they cut me was for 669.04. My question is do I send them the check back and request that the right amount be sent or do I cash it and write on the back of the check under protest?

Do you have any contacts at the law firm that handled the case? If not then take the 669.04. Do not cash it at your bank... take it to a wal mart.

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waffles waffles
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with all the litigation their d/b/a's are facing i doubt you will get more as western sky stopped giving loans around 13 months ago.being as they are tribal take the 669.04 and cash it at a currency exchange,or wal-mart
hey that is not a small amount you know..

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