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threatning e-mail from hogan law firm being sue fom america cash advance

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recieved two e-mails from somebody who is a lawyer. the e-mail stated that they are taking me to court for failing to pay off a payday loan with cash advance and once the papers are filed I will be laid off from my job. the email had all my personal info including my full social security number. that was a couple of weeks ago. I knew this was a scam. I just received a second e-mail from a lawyer from Hogan law firm accept this is with america cash advance and the name of the lawyer is different. I amd being accused of check fraud.
Has anyone gotten these emails

oh and btw. nobody can use the criminal process to collect on a pdl.meaning they are just throwing out scare tactics.any bottomfeeder that has that info got it from the pdl,or when you applied for need to forward both emails if you saved the first one to your AG,AND THE FTC.bottomline both emails are full of it and you need to report and ignore,and last thing nothing legit was ever done via email just know that we all have gotten those at one point,or another.both are scams.

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