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I just received a letter from U S C B Corporation attempting to collect a debt for $67.06 which they allege originated in 2005 with some payday loan place I cannot even locate online called "". These people confronted me with my valid SSN and last two phone numbers. I have not resided at the address which the letter was sent for over 3 years. Their claim is that the debt originated September 2, 2005. Yet they do not have the circumstances of this debt, the name of the store or vendor, or why they waited 6 years to "collect" this unknown mysterious debt? I have been a tax preparer in the past. 100's of people have my SSN because it is required by law to sign each tax form and provide my SSN. I believe this could be Identity Fraud, but for such a ridiculously low amount! Also I have had access to my credit report from all 3 local Credit Bureau reporting agencies. They are completely blank and zero-ed out. There is NO credit history......probably because I have no credit cards, and I purchase everything cash or layaway. This is crazy! What would YOU do???

In my opinion, they are trying to scam you. You should not pay them immediately. You should ask the collection agency to validate your debt so that you are sure of the fact that they own the debt. If they are unable to validate the debt, then you should send them a cease and desist letter and ask them to stop contacting you any further.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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I just received a letter from the same company for a pay day loan from over 7 years ago. They say I owe $65.00, which I do not. A few years back I received a letter from a different collection agency for the same amount, I sent a debt verification letter and never heard from them again. Apparently the sold the account to this agency who is trying to collect on this. I just sent a debt verification letter out today. I suggest you do the same.

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ramj70 ramj70

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Depending on your state, this may be past SOL - or nearing it, hence the last ditch effort to collect. I would send a cease and desist letter if it's past SOL, no reason, just C&D.

If it's not past SOL, send a validation request.

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