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I sent off my C&D to Delbert and got back their standard letter saying I still owed the loan, tribal law, and all that. I have not responded to that one, but have since received two other letters from them offering new payment deals. The most recent one knocked the payment to around $320 and the interest rate to 16%, but does extend the payments. My loan originated in Florida.
I do not plan to accept this offer, but do I need to respond to tell them that? Do I need to communicate with them at all at this point or just wait for them to blow themselves out?

Was this for a Western Sky loan? I would send them one more letter saying that A. you are not going to accept their "deal" and B. they are not to contact you again. I would also CC your AG's office and the FTC.

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kscornell kscornell
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I would not send them anything.. You do not have a loan with them, if your loan originated with Western Sky. When you sent them the C&D letter how did you send to them, It needs to be send CMRRR. that way you get proof that they received. if you need help on what the letter need to say - let us know, I can post the letter I sent them last year. If they continue to send you anything after this is done, report them to the FTC.

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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