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Any advice on responding? I had 2 loans totaling $1600, paid over $2100.

Thank you for your recent correspondence. We have reviewed your account and find that there is a misunderstanding regarding our ability to lend to residents of your state. Please refer to the opening paragraphs of your Loan Agreement for further explanation. We have attached a copy for your review.
Your account is currently in our Recovery Department with a balance of $5,490. You may contact our Recovery Department to assist you in making your payment arrangements. Please keep in mind, without a resolution with our Recovery Department; your account may be sold to a 3rd Party Debt Collection Agency.
Our Recovery Department is available during our regular office hours 7:00a.m. To 3:30p.m. CST, Monday through Friday at 1.877.636.1353, Option 3.

American Webloan is tribal according to their website:
AWL is a tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians, a sovereign nation located within the United States of America, and is operating within the boundaries of the Otoe-Missouria Reservation.

You owe only the principal which you've already overpaid. Look at the "stickies" above this post for dealing with payday loans and tribal lenders. The biggest thing is not be panic and don't be intimidated. You also have to be very persistent.

This one has the best information:

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diggerg diggerg

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How would you respond to this though? The stickies are ok, just curious

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cyaba cyaba

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How nice that they gave you their business hours. NOT!! If your loans totalled $1600 and you paid them $2100, you are done. You need to send them what is called a Cease and Desist letter, stating why the loans are illegal and why you are demanding a refund of $500. I have told lenders that if and only if, they can provide or show me a valid business license number to do business in my state, then I will work on a repayment plan. If not, they are not to contact me.
You will also have to take steps to protect your bank account. As soon as the lender realizes that payday is over and the gravy train has gone off the tracks, they will try and hit your account. I would contact your bank today and go into your branch if you can. to explain the situation and see if this lender can be blocked. If it can't, you will need to get a new account number.
So to sum up, explain to the lender why they are not to contact you via a Cease and Desist letter and reach out to your bank. Good luck and keep us posted.

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kscornell kscornell
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I had a loan with them...Send them back an email stating the loan is illegal, you more than paid the principal, and that you will report them to the Attorney General's office in the state they are located, as well as the FTC if they send you to a 3rd party collection...Demand a paid in full letter. I got one from them..Good Luck

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